A Little Blog Business

June 6, 2008

Okay.  Something has been bugging me for awhile, and I don’t know how to get past it, so I’ll just put it out there and let Y’ALL figure it out FOR me.

Sound good?

Here’s the deal……Whenever you comment, I have two choices.  I can email you a quick “Thanks for commenting.  Blah, blah, blah”, or I can do what I’ve been doing and just smile at the fact that there are a few people out there enjoying my blog, and go about my day. 

But if I use your email address, which only I see, to write you a quick little note, does that feel invasive to you?  Is that like tele-marketing people that call you while you’re eating supper and ask you if you like Marlboros or Camels better?

The other problem I have is this….Some of you ask a question, or make some sort of statement that I need to reply to.  But if I reply in the comment section, do you actually go back there and try to find it?  Or am I replying in the void?  Kinda like, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make any noise?  You see the connection, right?  Or, again, do I use your email address to reply to your questions/statements?

See the problem?




12 Responses to “A Little Blog Business”

  1. Kristen said

    I would not mind an email at all! I ALWAYS go back and read the comments. Sometimes, (please don’t feel offended), the comments are as exciting as the posts!!! =)
    In fact, once there were like three or four of my comments in a row that did not post and I thought, “oh no. I am being rude or something”. THEN I read your thing about how you kept forgetting so now I feel all better and ready to try and post a comment again! =)

  2. Kimberly said

    I also do not have a problem with an email. I usually go back and check the comments if there is something I think will be answered, etc. but sometimes I forget.

  3. Joanna said

    I agree, emails in reply are fine, if you want and I always go back and check the comments to see if you have replied to any questions that were asked or made any funny comments in reply to somebody’s comment.

  4. Mindy said

    I usually go back and read the comments at least a couple of times, too, especially if I have commented. I don’t expect a blogger to reply to me via email. I see it as a blog-only relationship. :o) I think you should just comment on the comments section; then you won’t have to worry about upsetting someone with an unwanted email. And, if you regularly do that, people will know to look for your reply to their comments/questions on the blog. I don’t think you should feel obligated to thank people for commenting, though. I sure don’t expect it! :o)

  5. Johanna said

    I re-check comments when I have already left one, and I also think the comments can be fun to read. But like everyone else, I don’t feel funny about receiving an e-mail response either. In fact, it is kind of nice to get an e-mail that has nothing to do with someone trying to get me to buy some viagra! I actually wish that my blog asked commenters to leave their e-mail addresses so that I could respond. there have been a few people that have commented that I wanted to say something to, but looking at their profiles and blogs, I still wasn’t able to find an e-mail address!

  6. Lori said

    I always come back and read the comments. I agree with Kristen, I [sometimes] enjoy the comments more than the post (recalling a cough drop post and grinning). I think you should just go with the flow on the comments portion. It’s working the way it is, I think.

  7. Kristin said

    I always struggle with that on my blog too… Especially when someone has something really sweet to say or says they are praying for me.

    I guess I don’t expect a response from the person I commented to (usually). So maybe that’s the answer. Do whatever you would expect someone else to do if the shoe were on the other foot 🙂

  8. Steph said

    I enjoy reading through the comments and reading what you have posted in reply to other people. Being a little self-centered, if I feel I have something particularly important to say, I *may* check back to see if I received a reply (that’s on other blogs, this is my first time commenting here–hi!). On my own blog, I guess I tend to reply for the sake of future readers. If I feel a person needs to be addressed directly, and I have their contact info, then I will email them. But, I don’t have a LOT of traffic or commenters, either. I have to say–I love it almost as much as you do, as well as my stat counter. 🙂

  9. Heather said

    I don’t mind emails, but they aren’t neccesary. I check your blog comments often (looking for good Juan jokes). I have responded to comments on my blog by leaving comments on my own blog and I find that most people DO come back and check to see if you have left anything.

    Also, I go to other peoples blogs and comment them there.

    Do whatever you feel like doing:)

  10. Wanda said

    I look back to see if comments have been left (and to see if mine made the grade!) so you can answer through your blog in the comments or you can email individually. I surely don’t feel invaded. Whatever is quickest and easiest for you (you are the mom with NINE kids ya know!).

  11. Zum said

    I agree with a number of the other ladies – leave your comment to THEIR comment on the original blog to which it was referring. I go back and re-read them again too. Also, it would take lots of time to go back and answer each person (personally) for a comment they made or a question they asked. (Am I wrong in thinking a ‘blog relationship’ is different than a personal one?) In addition, I always like to see your answer to the question because sometimes I wanted to ask that same question(!) and if you answered it in the person’s email then none of the rest of us would ever know the answer. And … that would just KILL us! Thanks for asking for our opinion.

  12. TW said

    I agree with Zum. Although an email from a blogger wouldn’t seem invasive to me, I WANT to see your answers to other people’s questions, as well as any additional comments you might have to THEIR comments. Of course, if you needed to give some personal info, you could just answer in an email, tho.

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