Random Utterances

June 7, 2008

Today, the Lord showed me that if we have to live in the city in Arizona, it will be okay.  My children will not become comatose or grow hair on their eyeballs or any of the other ailments I was afraid might befall heretofore country kids.

My boys spent 3 hours……let me repeat that……THREE HOURS!!!…..playing with two very small frogs and the water pouring from our sump pipe this morning.  They would set the frogs at the mouth of the pipe, and the frogs would then climb INTO the pipe.  Soon, a burst of gushing water would pour forth, bringing with it the helpless frogs.  And the little ground-gutter thingy made a perfect frog water slide.  The boys also built them a bridge and a house made from mud, rocks, and sticks, which they told me will harden into a “real house”!  Because that’s what the frogs were needing, I guess.  A bridge and a house.  Makes sense, right?  Tomorrow, I’m going to ask if they can make me some Polish pottery bowls with matching mugs.

So I’m thinking that they are going to be able to find plenty to do in the Land of Extraordinarily Hot Temperatures.  They’ll just do it with lizards and sand and stucco buildings and lots and lots of sweat.

In other news…….

I was holding Hairy Baby (otherwise known as “Juan”.  Because I just can’t fight it anymore.) on my lap this afternoon, when I looked down at him and noticed that, clinched in his very chubby fist, was a 6-inch-long gray hair.  And for one full second, I had trouble figuring out where, exactly, he got it. 

And then I remembered that of the 3 hairs that I DO have on my head?  One-and-a-half of them are gray.  And I’m NOT, like, 72 years old. 

Must be the kids.

Because that excuse would make me feel like less of a tall, big-footed, previously buck-toothed hag.


4 Responses to “Random Utterances”

  1. Palmetto Boy said

    Your children will find so many new and exciting adventures in the land of warmth that they’ll soon forget they ever lived in the country! We know a family where the children played in the dump as that was all they had to play in, in the country where the family served as missionaries!

  2. Joanna said

    I found my first gray hair when I was 29. Lovely.

  3. Wanda said

    I love Polish pottery, too! The only thing is the cost. . .Polish pottery or clothes for the kids, Polish pottery or a new nursing bra (because I too look like a hag, especially without some lift!), boy, some decisions are tought! If only the pottery could be made out of Midwest mud. . .maybe the Arizona mud makes better Southwestern pottery? Something to look forward to.

    Yeah, with kids came white hairs for me, too. And my lovely mother tells me that she didn’t go gray until she was in her mid forties. . .and that my nummies look like my 84-year-old grandmother’s nummies look! Isn’t mom sweet?

    But truth be told, my having had 9 babies and homeschooling and mothering them, you look great! No hags in sight!

  4. oliveplants said

    Joanna, I’ve had gray hairs for YEARS, as my husband loves to point out, but it is only recently that I have owned up to it. The closer I get to 40 (and I’m closer than I’d like to admit), the more I let myself feel okay about the gray. Because everyone knows that when you turn 40, you’re a true-blue hag then, right?


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