June 9, 2008

Here is a conversation that happened in our home today, as I was looking at a picture book with 3-Year-Old.  Who, as an aside, has recently had the most delicious, blond, sparkly, Shirley Temple curls, even though Shirley Temple makes me want to poke fork tines in my eyeballs.

Humidity does that.  The curls, not the tines.


Here it is……

Mommy:  “Show Mommy what you put on to go outside when it’s cold.”

3-Year-Old gestures at page.

Mommy:  “No, you do not put on a CAT when it’s cold outside.”

Try again on another page.

Mommy:  “Show Mommy what you play with at the beach that is round and that you can bounce.”

3-Year-Old gestures at page once again.

Mommy:  “No.  You do not bounce a CALCULATOR at the beach.”


Mommy:  “Show Mommy what is furry and you snuggle with in bed at night.”


Mommy, who is by now in a constant state of agitation and eye-rolling:  “No.  You do not snuggle with a AMBULANCE in bed at night!”

How can this be so hard?  It’s not like I was showing her a coffee table book of Picasso paintings!  Sheesh!

In other news……

As we were discussing all the tornadoes and other varieties of severe weather that we have had FOR THE LAST 3 NIGHTS, the children wanted to know if we could all DIE from a tornado.  So we answered that, yes, people DO die from tornadoes, and I suppose that we COULD die from one too if that is the way the Lord wanted to take us to heaven. 

So then 6-Year-Old came up to me with eyes wide and said in a low, conspiratorial tone…….

“Remember, Mommy.  SOOOOOOME of us would go to heaven, and SOOOOOME of us wouldn’t.”

And then she nodded and looked sadly and knowingly around the room at her 4 heathen siblings.


7 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Zum said

    LOLLOLLOL! Oh my stars! That girl! Well, it’s good to see that she’s concerned about them and their eternal ‘resting place’. Bet she’ll be working on them today. 🙂

  2. Joanna said


    I have that conversation with my 2.75 year old all the time.
    -What color is that?
    -No it’s red. What color is that?
    -No it’s red, I just told you. What color is that?
    -…no, it’s red for the thousandth time!!!

    She has a problem with colors.

    That’s very nice that your 6YO is so very concerned about the state of her siblings souls. It’s a good thing you wrote that down so you can let her read it later. I love that sort of thing coming out of kids mouths. They say the darndest things.

  3. Joanna said

    Oh, and I’d like to give you a big hug for finally being someone else that thinks Shirley Temple is annoying. What’s with her? Those curls weren’t even real!

  4. Lori said

    My hubby hates Shirley Temple. I bought one VHS for our daughters to watch just to get back at him for making me watch StarTrek, The Next Generation, over and over and over and over and over…catching my drift?

    PS – I like Star Trek (in moderation), but there is only so much Mr. Spock (sp?) one can take!

  5. Wanda said

    Yeah, I’ve had the same conversation with my middle daughter about her abc’s,

    “What does ‘s’ say?”
    “No, that is a word that starts with ‘s’, what does ‘s’ say?”
    “No, again, that is a word, what does ‘s’ say?”
    “Yes!, No what is the first letter in ‘Sienna’?”
    “Um, ‘c’?”

    She, too, still has trouble with her letter names and such.

    Anyway, Sienna just asked me today about tornadoes (for the 495th time) and if we could die in them. Upon answering like you did, “yes, they can kill us but remember that it says in the Bible in 1 Cor 5 that it’s better to die because then we are with Jesus” , she remarks, “Well, yeah, it would be nice to go to heaven, but dying still hurts you know.”

  6. Johanna said

    Okay, so I miss a few days of checking your blog and there are about 20,000 posts I missed!! This is so funny! It is a toddler thing to answer wrong, on purpose I’m convinced, just to make sure they obliterate that one last decent nerve! And yet we love them. And get this – We continue to ask!! I’ve learned that some days I should just keep my mouth closed!

  7. oliveplants said

    Lori, I was so with you on the Shirley Temple thing, but then you completely lost me with the Mr. Spock thing. Mr. Spock RULED!! He cracked me up! He offset Captain Kirk perfectly, and always seemed to be snickering at him behind Captain Kirk’s back. Kirk was all, hey, look at how handsome I am. Watch me strut to the beaming-up thingy. See the way I do my eyebrows? All the ladies love me, ya know. Even the alien ladies.

    Johanna, see what happens when you neglect the really important things in life? Hopefully now you’ve learned your lesson and will be SURE to check the website many times daily. But not too many because then it messes up my stats. Unless you buy my book for 50 of your closest friends, and then you can do anything you want! =)

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