June 10, 2008

So there we were.  Doing our Earth Science this morning.  Learning about the atmosphere.




(Man, I’m a nerd.)

And today?

The thermosphere.

Where, we learned, it can get up to 3000 degrees.

And 6-Year-Old asked, with a worried look on her face,

“Is that how hot it’s going to be in Arizona?”


9 Responses to “Tidbit”

  1. Zum said

    LOL. LOL. LOL. That girl is always thinking, isn’t she? Funny!

  2. Wanda said

    My mom lived there and just tell your daughter, “worse.”

  3. Joanna said

    LOL! It’s certainly going to feel that way.

  4. Heather said

    One word to 6-year-old:



  5. Nina said

    (ROTF laughing) …. I love it…… can’t you just see inside her mind….. “everybody’s been talking about how HOT it”s going to be there, so there must be some connection between Arizona and the hottest place I’ve ever learned about… ” adorably funny!

  6. Johanna said

    The exact same thing came to my mind as came to Joanna’s (which is scary, because it happens often…) – It won’t be 3000 degrees, it will just feel that way! 🙂 I’m told you get used to it. Oh, and it’s a dry heat. 🙂

  7. oliveplants said

    Dear, Helpful, Kind, Encouraging Readers,

    Oh wait. Wrong blog.


  8. Wanda said

    Allison, you’re so funny! And dry heat?! What is that? My mom always said “It is hot, but it is dry heat.” Chris went there on a business trip, and he said that he and his colleagues had to use cloth napkins to hold their utensils to eat outside, and it was like 9am! The utensils got so hot in the dry heat, kinda like an oven. Heat is heat, ma’am!

    Anyway, I am sure that God’s plans for your family are always good and always for your best, so you’re kids will love the weather in the beautiful long evenings and in the winter, when it is not so hot, and you will have beautiful hair in the very dry heat. Also, swimming all year is not a bad idea, and you’ve got the Grand Canyon, and the mountains and snow are not too far away (2 hours) in Flagstaff, AZ http://www.flagstaffarizona.org/ . You’ve got some nice southwestern art and lots of cool exploring, too. Oh, and the dry heat does leave for a while during monsoon season (has anyone told you about that?) Here’s a link about it: http://phoenix.about.com/od/weather/a/monsoontrivia.htm Hope this has been more encouraging (people have told me I have a Barnabas spirit).

  9. Wanda said

    Sorry, forgot to mention that during monsoon season, you get the lovely opportunity to anticipate a tornado, so you will get a chance to remember your days in the midwest!

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