A Post Which May Scare You When You Consider That I’m Very Fertile

June 12, 2008

I have a weird thing with numbers.

I don’t like odd ones.

Too angular and pointy, for the most part.  Not very approachable, really.

Even numbers are soft and fluffy, round and huggable.  Very social and accepting, if you ask me.  Except for 4, which really SHOULD be an odd number.  Maybe it could switch with 3 or 9 because they are just too round and cute to be odd numbers.

Am I scaring you as much as I’m scaring ME?


My 11-year-old apparently feels the same way about numbers.  Today he told me that we needed to have at least one more baby.  I laughed and asked him why and he said because 10 was a better number than 9.

It’s nice to see my weird-ness spreading.


8 Responses to “A Post Which May Scare You When You Consider That I’m Very Fertile”

  1. Palmetto Boy said

    Hey, so is 12, 14 and 16! Oh brother!!

  2. Mindy said

    I am SO glad to know that someone else in the world loves even numbers and finds odd numbers distasteful! I’ve even been disappointed that 2 of my children–and my husband!–were born on odd-numbered days. I even managed to “hold in” my one child born in the middle of the night until 12:05 a.m. on an even-numbered day. Okay, that wasn’t REALLY the reason, but it was a nice bonus. :o)

  3. Kelly said

    I must admit I have a strange relationship with odd numbers as well. I am so happy with the baby’s stats: 04/06/08 born at 2:20, 20 in., 8.2 lbs., 2 weeks “early”. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  4. oliveplants said

    Okay, I officially love Mindy and Kelly. Because I really considered not even posting this one because I was afraid of the comments y’all would leave. And while I must say that Palmetto Boy has way too much testosterone to understand the number thing, I am so relieved that there are other moms out there that DO understand my weird-ness.

    And Kelly? You so win the Even Numbers Award. MAN!

  5. Susan said

    Too funny. Marc and I are the same way. We both said to each other when I found out I was pregnant that we have to have another one because we don’t like it when we have odd numbers.

  6. Susan said

    I just read Kelly’s comment and all of our babies are born on even years which we think is awesome too.

  7. Joanna said

    …we do odd numbers. We have four children currently born in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and our 5th is due January 2009. It’s so Asian. You know, like a Japanese garden where all the plants are in odd numbers because odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. Get it? No? Okay, I’ll just shut up now.

  8. Nina said

    I share the eccentricity. I especially loathe the number 11, but I have a general distaste for all odd numbers except 5, and multiples of 5 which I love. My second child was born in the afternoon on the19th of the month after 24 hours of labor. I still regret not holding out until the 20th…..an even number AND a multiple of 5. Sigh. At least none of them were born on the 11th. 🙂

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