MAN! My Baby is Cute!

June 14, 2008

Warning:  This is going to be one of those nauseating, sickening, utterly boring posts that I rarely write about how cute one of my kids is. 

I can’t help myself.

I made our almost 3-month-old laugh this morning. 

Belly laugh.

Five times.

In a row.

And it was the cutest sound I’ve heard all year. 

Now, even though you may be suffering through this post for whatever reason, and you don’t really care about the subject matter, even YOU must admit that the sound of a new baby laughing for the first time…..or ANY time, for that matter… just one of those things that you don’t get sick of hearing.

Eat enough ice cream, and you can get sick of it.

Go to the beach enough times, and it gets old.

Walk through a Laura Ashley store enough times, and you just get bored.  (Okay, maybe this one doesn’t apply, but I had to come up with a third example because two just seemed lame.)

Hear your baby belly laugh for the first time in his life? 

Never. Tire. Of. It.

And not only did he belly laugh, he did it while staring wide-eyed and sparkly into my eyes, with his forehead wrinkled up, his mouth open and his double chins quivering. 

YOU just want to lick him all over now too, don’t you?

Here’s another thing…..

Yesterday, he also discovered his fist for the first time ever.  So he spent most of the day in various laps and swing-y places with his fist in front of his face, staring cross-eyed at his clenched-up hand. 

And it was so cute, it hurt.

Kinda like when you are talking to your little baby, and you’re smiling and laughing and grinning, when, suddenly you realize that your face muscles hurt from all the smiling and laughing and grinning?

And then you say, “Man!  My face hurts!”  And then your husband says, “Yeah, it’s killin’ me too.”  Har, har, har.

And you wonder how it is that you’ve been married almost 19 years to a man who is 12 years old.


4 Responses to “MAN! My Baby is Cute!”

  1. Lori said

    Oh that one was…..GOOD! I would love to hear what Mr. Yummy hubby has to say to that one! I would love to see “Juan”! I don’t know if we are getting through there before you will be leaving or not?!?! Give your baby a big hug and smoochie kiss for me! As if you needed me to say that in order for you to do it! Whatever! 😉

  2. Susan said

    I love it when your baby starts to laugh. You are making me really excited about holding a new bundle. I can’t wait but I still have a long time to go.

  3. Ashley said

    My husband and I had our first baby boy almost a year ago but that new gut laugh doesn’t seem that far gone. I can remember that my hubby was the first one (and the only one for a while:-) that could get him to laugh like that. It so sweet and so familiar that I was going “uh huh, aww” and shaking my head up and down when I read your post. Thanks for evoking those memories. Isn’t it such a blessing to get to experience someone’s first laughs like that?

  4. Heather said

    OH….belly laughs!!!!! What incredible, yummy, delights! I think I am lactating just reading this post!!!!!!!

    Please give ‘Juan’ a sniff for me!!!!

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