June 15, 2008

Does something ever hit you as funny, but it’s really probably not, and when you laugh at it, people think you’re a little “off”?  That happened to me the other night.

First off, you have to know that my boys think God created Legos on the 8th day.  And when Legos get sucked up in the vacuum or lost in the cracks of the venting system or accidentally eaten by the dog?  They go to heaven. 

And I’m not exaggerating. 

(If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a ba-zillion times that I RARELY exaggerate!)

Anyway, my boys spend many, many, MANY hours building with Legos, studying Lego catalogs, playing with the things they build, and talking and talking and TALKING about which sets they would like next.  And they sucker Yummy Man into printing out pictures of the sets they want so that they can carry around the pages with them to drool over and dream about and fondle.

That’s what happened the other night.  9-Year-Old was talking to Yummy Man about Dino Attack Lego sets that he admired and wanted for his birthday that is coming up next month.  And he was explaining in excruciating detail EVERY TINY, ITTY-BITTY, TEENSY-WEENSY aspect of the set.

And then he said it.  The thing that set me off for the next 15 minutes.

“It has ‘real chomping action!'”

And I could not stop laughing!

“Real chomping action”.

Does that strike you as funny?  That the CEOs of Lego, in the thousand-dollar Italian suits and Harvard business degrees, thought that an excellent descriptor of one of their creations was “CHOMPING”?

I’m tellin’ ya.  I laughed ’til I cried.  I could. not. stop.

And then I laughed even harder because my 9-year-old who has an excellent sense of humor, kept egging me on.  Like, “It’s true, Mommy!  The dinosaur has real chomping action!”  And, “Yep.  You could have some real fun with this dinosaur who has real chomping action!”  Also, “Would you look at that!  The dinosaur with the real chomping action!”

And Yummy Man sat in a chair and watched me laugh myself stupid.  And thoroughly enjoyed himself.

The freak.


2 Responses to “Funny”

  1. Tanya said

    I understand the laughing. For me, it is not the subject, but the way my teenager describes it. He is so intense and it is so serious for him. It does make me laugh. My children love legos also, I am not sure if they believe they were made on the eighth day. But they love them. I love it when my children make me laugh. That is cool. Tanya

  2. Heather said

    Oh my gosh! That would’ve caused me to go into a fit of laughter, too.

    I am ALWAYS the person that seems to laugh at inappropriate times or inappropriate things because most of the time I look around and see NOBODY else laughing. Usually by that time…I have tears streaming down my face. Hmmm.

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