More Arizona (Where It’s Hot) Business

June 17, 2008

So here’s some news that I haven’t shared.  Because that would mean that I actually think you CARE about our housing arrangements in Arizona (where it’s hot), and my self-esteem is not quite up to speed enough to think that quite yet.

But I’m giving it a shot.  Because I figure I’ll need to have the self-esteem thing down pat by the time I turn 40 because after that?  All. down. hill.  And there will be no saving it then.

We wrote a special letter to the housing people in Arizona, asking them for TWO houses. 

And don’t laugh because we know several large families who have lived in two base houses.

The only difference was that, back then, the U.S. government actually OWNED base housing, and THEY actually put the soldier’s needs before THEIR need to make the almighty dollar.  Because, basically, they WERE the almighty dollar.

Not so much anymore. 

The Air Force began this neat (to them) thing a few years ago called privatization which means that they handed the whole base housing thing over to a private company who now runs it.  They are building new houses, maintaining older ones, and pretty much running the whole show. 

And they are out to make money.

Lots of it.

And before you start thinking that we’re a bunch of whiners who expect special treatment because we have a lot of kids, let me just explain something.

In the Air Force, the soldier’s quality of life is very, very important.  The government bends over backwards to make sure that its Air Force members are happy and comfortable.  (Except for that war thing.)  There is a reason why every other military branch admits that the Air Force treats its members extremely well.  When we were stationed at an Army base in Germany, in the first month we were there, 3 Army members asked my husband how they could cross over to the Air Force.  It’s the general consensus that the Air Force RULES!

(And don’t let any readers’ comments on this blog make you think otherwise.  You know, the ones from…..say…..cute little cousins of mine who just joined the Army and are still in that infatuation period before they realize just how much better the Air Force is.  Not that it’s a competition or anything.  Of COURSE not!)



The 2 house thing was not far-fetched.

But we’re not dealing with the military now.  We’re dealing with civilians who don’t “get” the military way of life.  And you just don’t want to get me started on that because I wouldn’t be able to stop.

And that would be bad.

So they denied our request because they would lose the revenue for the additional house and blah, blah, civilian blather, blah. 

But we ARE approved for ONE house, which is really, REALLY big of them, don’t you think?  Especially when you know that a 4-bedroom base house is around 1200 square feet.

I know.  That’s what I said.

Right now, it looks like God is leading us to live on base.  The options outside of the base are non-existent because of several factors.

So our family of 11 will soon be living in a 1200 square foot house.

Please pray for us.

And write your Congressman.


12 Responses to “More Arizona (Where It’s Hot) Business”

  1. Susan said

    It will be a challenge Allison, but if anyone can do it you can. We will keep you in our prayers. Our children pray all the time for you guys to have a safe trip when you move I guess I should tell them they need to start praying for the house to sell first.

  2. Lori said

    Is that A LOT bigger than your house now? I remember the house, but I am terrible at approximating square footage, weight, age, height, air speeds…. Just wondering! Geesh!

  3. Lori said

    Suppose to be is that A LOT smaller!!! sorry!

  4. oliveplants said

    Our house now is 2500 square feet. Yeah. Probably be the equivalent of you and your family living in the RV. I love challenges which partially explains the size of our family, but the 1200-square-feet-with-9-kids thing scares even me.

  5. Happy Geek said

    Double Yuck.
    Well, maybe it is good that Arizona can be a tad bit warm because this way your kdis can sleep outside.:)

    Just kidding oh nice people from social services.

  6. Joanna said

    …wow. We were still active duty when the privatization thing happened and it really stunk. We got off-base housing ASAP. I can hardly imagine that. We’re a family of 6 living in 1200 sq.ft! What will you do? Don’t you have land now, too?

    Here’s a question for you. Do you get sick when you’re pregnant? If so, how do you manage to school all your school-age children, take care of the youngers, make dinner and keep the house clean all while constantly feeling like you’re going to lose your breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or snack) at any moment? Or simply pass out from fatigue. I don’t know how to continue having kids while having this problem. We have four, 2 school-aged in the fall and #5 is 10 weeks along. I don’t know what to do. Is it really fair the kids I do have?

  7. Tina said

    My husband used to be in the Air Force, and we were stationed at Ft. Meade (in base housing) when they privatized. Everyone we know was unhappy with the changes. When it became all about making a buck, the life of the military member and their family mattered very little.
    I will pray for your family! I really hope something comes through. Good luck!

  8. oliveplants said

    I know how you feel. I’ve been where you are now, and probably will be again. It’s hard, but you have to remember that God is giving your children an opportunity to learn compassion, responsibility, perseverance, etc. If you have trained your children to help out around the house, this is the time that you will really reap the rewards of your efforts. Give them MORE responsibilities. They will see that they are truly needed and wanted. I have seen, again and again, my children flourish and mature when I am down w/ the sickness and fatigue of pregnancy. They revel in the help they can give Mommy and the household. They love having a little more say in what happens in a day, what meals they choose to fix or help with, what they get to dress the little ones in, etc. If you have little ones that need to be watched constantly, assign a bigger child the responsibility of being the “babysitter” that day. Switch off with another child on another day. Hopefully, your older ones are more self-sufficient and can get their chores and schoolwork done on their own. If not, don’t sweat it because while they may not be learning their multiplication tables, they ARE learning how to make that dip that everyone loves for supper. And they are figuring out how to run the washer. And they are thinking ahead to tomorrow’s breakfast and what needs to be prepared tonight for that. And maybe I should check to see if Mommy needs a glass of water. They are learning service and sacrifice and compassion.
    If you and your husband have been convicted to let the Lord lead in the number of children you have and the timing of them, then stick by that! You do not want your children to see you give up when times are tough. They need to see you persevere with faith! So many Christians think that when things get rough or shaky or scary or emotional, then that must mean that whatever they are doing is not God’s will. Let your children see you struggle. And then let them see you run to God in your weakness.
    I was reminded the other day of the gift we are giving our older children by having babies. Think of the knowledge you are giving your daughters in raising children! Think of the help they will be one day to a new mother who never had babies in the family and who doesn’t know how to care for one. Think of the opportunity you are giving your sons to learn how to care for little ones, and the knowledge they are gaining that they will one day use when they are fathers.
    You see yourself on the couch, trying to keep down lunch. What you SHOULD see is the life skills you are giving your children. And the spiritual lessons of service and selflessness and compassion and love. It won’t be a perfect time for you or the children. There will be days when they resent the extra work. But I think you will see so much fruit come from this opportunity! Don’t give up, Joanna, and don’t let Satan make you feel like you are doing something wrong or bad or unfair. Seek the Lord in your weakness and trust Him with your days!
    And don’t give up! You will get back to school and your normal schedule. But for now, don’t think of this as a hindrance or a bad season in your life. Thank God for the opportunity to learn to lean on Him more, and the chance for your children to grow in so many ways! Look for the work He will do. I think you will be amazed!


  9. Mother said

    Allison, your response to Joanna was right on! God has shown you the ‘big picture’, and your response to mothers who need your additional input and encouragement is a blessing to THEM and to those of us who get to ‘listen in’ as well. You GO girl!

  10. Kristen said

    Wow, your cute little cousin is in shock!! =)
    I will be praying for you…even if you are in the Air Force =)
    Seriously, I hope it all works out for you all. Keep us updated!

  11. Alyson said

    You are right…even here in Canada the Air Force is the way to go. Although NONE of our overseas postings last longer than 6 months, AND…we get a YEAR for maternity/paternity leave at 93% salary….the AIR FORCE still has the BEST POSTINGS….. like Dubai and so force. Ahhhh Dubai.

    Our base housing is poopy though too. Anyone with a family of 2 🙂 lives outside of base. They help with the mortgage and pay for ALL FEES so that does help.

    1200 square feet eh?

    I keep trying to picture your one gigantic sleeping room, and can’t imagine how you are going to jam everyone in that new house.


  12. Joanna said

    Thank you Allison.

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