Stressing, and Other Extra-Curricular Activities

June 20, 2008

We have a lot of stuff going on.

I’m sure you can imagine the circus act that is my life right about now.

Here are the things that I am dealing with:

1.  Selling the house.  We are having an Open House this weekend which automatically puts my measurable stress levels at 2 million.

On a scale of 1 to 10. 

2.  Purging.  And just so you know, this one is physically painful for me.  See, I’m one of those people who keeps an inch-long piece of elastic because there MAY come a time in the future when I will need it for something.

And don’t ask me what because I don’t know.  But that’s the reason why I need to keep it, don’t you see?! 

And for the times when I have forced myself to throw away the inch-long piece of elastic, don’t you know that the VERY NEXT DAY, I needed it!  Badly.

So purging?  Just kill me now.

But I found out this morning that if I do it REALLY FAST, I am just about able to NOT feel like someone is ripping a hole in my side with a paring knife.  Just about. 

3.  Putting the basement back together.  After the storms we had the last 2 weeks, our basement flooded.  Again.  Yes, the same basement that has a waterproofing system that has a 25-year warranty included with it.  The same one that flooded last year about this time and made me cry because we had to throw out my favorite green area rug.  The same one that made us have to figure out a different flooring solution for.  And we did.  To the tune of $1500.

And tomorrow, I get to spend the entire day putting the flooring back down again.  It is the rubber floor mats that lock together like giant jigsaw puzzle pieces and if you don’t get them JUST RIGHT, they buckle and pucker and rearrange themselves at night when you’re sleeping just so that they can laugh at your frustration the next day when you see them laying there all hilly and wonky.

4.  Putting the basement back together.  All the furniture must be moved back into place too.  That’s 3 bunkbeds, 2 cribs, 5 bookshelves containing 872 books each (AND I have an affinity for hardbacks if that tells you anything), 2 tables, a big wooden play kitchen that, if something happened to it from the flood and the subsequent fixing-of-the-waterproofing-system, I will have to cry some more.  And then throw things.

5.  Figure out about housing in Arizona.  Which means that 10 katrillion hoops have to be jumped through in order to get our names on the waiting list for the doghouse-sized home we plan to occupy.  With our 9 children.

It’s amazing to me that there even IS a wait list!

6.  Deal with health issues for 3 of our children.  These are children who have NEVER been to the doctor before for anything other than………TO BE BORN, and now they have some sort of ailment that needs fixing.


Right before we have to move 21 hours away.


All of these things are swirling around in my mind, and making me ALMOST have to make lists which is something I resist wholeheartedly because, when I DO make lists?  I forget to take them with me.  Or check them when I’m doing the packing.  Or whatever.  So it’s really a waste of time and effort for me, those lists.  I prefer to just consider being really stressed out and frenzy-like as good mind exercise.

Yeah.  That’s it.

And while all of these things are swirling around in my mind, keeping me awake at night, making me here only in body, here is what my HUSBAND finds important.

This morning, as I called to ask him if he had checked on the housing status, and have they got our newest little one’s name on the orders, and when exactly can we APPLY to housing, and go ahead and do that, and do you want this and that done for the Open House, and when do we need to mow the lawn because if we mow too early in the week then it’ll be grown up for the Open House, but if we mow too LATE in the week, then the cut grass will just lay on top of the lawn looking brown and dead and icky, here is the news he had to tell…….

“Did you know that the Air Force is making an amphibious fighter jet?  That is SO COOL, don’t you think?  I read all about it this morning in the Air Force Times, and it’s only gonna cost $140,000 which is really cheap, don’t you think?”

And when I reiterated the things that I needed him to get done on his end, he had the nerve to say….

“I’ll try to get it done, but I have a lot to do today.  I’m gonna be real busy.”

Yeah.  Surfing the ‘net for the next 3 hours, searching for the specs for that jet.


6 Responses to “Stressing, and Other Extra-Curricular Activities”

  1. Lori said

    Hey, look at the bright side – you won’t have to worry about water in your basement in AZ 😉 Maybe because they DON’T HAVE BASEMENTS!!! No, really, I feel your pain. Getting ready to move on this end too!

    By the way – I know you have more than the ‘average’ number of kiddos and don’t have any questions, but I have a great guest post coming – Michelle Duggar (mother of [almost] 18) – wanna come post a question for her?

    Maybe in your “spare” time?!?!?! ha!

  2. Happy Geek said

    Oh my.
    purge baby purge.
    The (one and only) nice thing about downsizing is getting rid of junk.
    Look at it this way, it’s the 1 inch piece of plastic or a kid. You don’t have room for both.

  3. Zum said

    Such a ho-hum life. How do you deal with all the boredom? 🙂 Hang in there girl!

  4. Steph said

    (((Hugs))) I love how funny you are, but man I can so ‘hear’ the stress in your ‘voice’. While I haven’t suffered the extreme stress you are under, I have been stressed to the point of tears and would have to say this qualifies for some serious hair pulling!! Wait…you only have three, right?…Don’t do that! I don’t do purging well, either. Neither does my hubby. He also doesn’t do the “honey do” lists. Whew! Praying for you!!

  5. Heather said

    @Lori- They won’t have to worry about water in their AZ basement because AZ doesn’t get WATER;)


    ‘Hilly and wonky’????

    They’re gonna love you in AZ!

  6. Nana C said

    You are so delightful! You always bring the smile to my face and having been in your home, I will phsically not be there to help you, but I can picture you in the purge mode. Good post. Nana C

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