June 26, 2008

Other than change 12 diapers, nurse 7 times, supervise the fixing of various meals, dress toddlers, wash two loads of laundry, HANG two loads of laundry, do a small amount of school with the children, get really mad at the computer, and mow a portion of the lawn (which is my spiritual gift, by the way), I have spent a little too much time today listening to this WAY cool compilation of 100 kadrillion songs that my husband brought home from work.




It’s like every song that I have ever loved at any time in my life is on this list!  So I made this CD with my favorite ones on it to play over and over and over again in the kitchen while I make obscene amounts of food and referee the various children that hang out in there.  Sometimes on their stomachs.  Spread-eagle. Where I have to walk and stuff.

Can I just tell you how much this excites me?  It’s pathetic, I know, but the CD makes me happy.  Probably not so much Yummy Man, however, because he has a thing with any form of music that is not classical or does not have the annoying noise of trumpets at its core.  It’s weird.

So then I decided to make one for the children, and can I just tell you that they just about wet themselves over it.  Why, you ask?  Because two of the songs I burned are in the movie “Facing the Giants”, which my kids think angels made.  Real, true angels with wings and halos and clouds and stuff.

Also?  My 6-year-old can now identify 20 + countries of the world.  A month ago, she was asking if China was near Arizona.  Where it’s hot.

I just had to put that in my blog because I am so hugely impressed with the geography book that my bud in Oklahoma told me about, that I just want to drive down there and cook her a week’s worth of meals so that she can sit in front of her computer and marvel at websites that teach when to use commas and apostrophes.  Because THAT is what excites HER.  But I still really, really like her.  Bunches and bunches.  And I’m not just saying that because I just kinda, sorta made fun of her just now and I’m trying to suck up or anything.


And by the way, the geography curriculum is called “Visualize World Geography” and while it is just plain ‘ole freaky in many, various ways and kinda scares me when I lie in bed and night and think about it, IT WORKS!


And that makes me happy too.

But what DOESN’T make me happy is that Internet Explorer 7 is not working right now and that’s why my font looks weird.  And my pictures won’t upload from my camera which really has nothing to do with this blog, but since this post is already so disjointed and confusing, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to throw that in here too.


And as an addendum, Internet Explorer 7 is now working and I fixed the font on this, my blog, but my picture reader is STILL not working which stinks because I need to take a bunch of pictures of stuff I’m selling on Ebay which may include the frozen placentas in my freezer because I am getting rid of everything!  Everything, I tell ya!

Except Yummy Man and the kids.  And my new CD.  And my king-sized bed. 

Okay, not EVERYthing, but it FEELS like everything.


5 Responses to “Today”

  1. Your Oklahoma Friend said

    Ooooh, I accept! Just let me know when you’ll be arriving, and I’ll make sure that all of MY kitchen-floor-sitters are out of your way!
    And your music–sounds just like me when I got my very own iPod a few months ago. I’m STILL giddy over it! I just can’t get over having EVERY SINGLE SONG I LOVE available to me at the touch of a button! Amazing! My older children laugh at me, but hey, I’m loving it. :o)

  2. TW said

    No! Not the placentas! They’re useful! Give them to me, I’ll take them. I’m serious! I still have my last three in our freezer b/c I FORGOT about them when we planted our last few fruit trees, and now there’s no more room for trees (right now) and so there they sit–the placentas, not the trees…well…both actually are just sitting there, sort-of. Did you miss the connection b/t placentas and trees anyone? The placentas make very good fertilizer so you put one in the bottom of a deep hole and cover it with some dirt and plant the tree on top of that dirt. Why throw them in the landfill when you can use them–sustainable ag, ya know! But don’t tell husband, he probably thinks that three in the freezer is enough. 🙂 I suppose that I’m not really serious, sigh, I AM just kidding, but if we didn’t have to do a clandestine transfer at church (of all places), and keep them frozen the whole time, and have to keep the transaction completely secret from both husband and the eight children who help load everything in and out of the van, maybe I’d give it a go. Of course, if all the above criteria WERE met and I placed them safely in my freezer, I’m sure that one of our cows would choose to have birth that night and the first time husband milked her he would choose to put the cow colustrum he’ll save from her in the exact spot I’d placed the placentas. And then he’d be, ummmmm, really really grossed out.

  3. Nina said

    Please know that I mean this in the nicest way….. in the year or so I’ve been reading your blog, I have never questioned your sanity until today. Well OK there was the suicide-by-coughdrop debate. But everything else was cool. You homeschool? Me too. You have 8 or 9 kids? That’s awesome. Your babies are born at home? You’re my hero. You’re considering selling your frozen placentas on Ebay???? You freeze your placentas???? And then I come to the comments section and find out there’s more than one of you??? And the weirdest thing of all? Is that now I have this crazy urge to go to Ebay and do a search for placentas just to see what they’re going for 🙂

  4. Friend in Ks said

    Okay there are 3 of us. I too saved my plancentas because my mid-wife said they made wonderful fertilizer for trees. The thing is, that I forgot they were in there. Then when we went to move to a new city and had friends help pack and move us…….we were giving some food away to cut down on the heavy load….. Well, we had ALOT of explaining to do.

  5. Nina said

    See, THAT’s what I’m talking about ……the fate of forgotten leftovers in the back of the freezer. And it’s one thing to have to explain the presence of placentas in your freezer to friends, but what if the unthinkable happened and you mistakenly cooked them for dinner?!?!
    FYI I did go to Ebay and the search term placenta only turns up cosmetics and stuff that contain sheep placenta as an ingredient, so…… if there’s any demand at all out there for ACTUAL placentas, it looks like Allison could corner the market:)

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