This Morning’s Kid Epiphany

June 28, 2008

Some of my children are very sad that we are leaving our place here in the country.  They have had a hard time envisioning any sort of fun being had in the (cough, gag) city.  On vulnerable days, when all my hormones are readjusting back to non-pregnant (I think) status, this breaks my heart.  It is so sad to me that our children will not be able to run free and untethered like they have been for the past 4 years.  On other days, I get excited at the opportunities awaiting us in the city.  (Like the ones in Goodwill at night after the children go to bed.)

Today, our children were exposed to ONE item of potential fun that living in the city will offer.


When you live on 7 acres in the middle of 4000 more, playgrounds are unneccesary.  Frivolous, even.

This morning, we had a showing on our house.  This entailed me spending the early part of the morning running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  I usually reserve this activity for the after-supper-and-before-bedtime segment of each night, when one of my children has to be asked 52 times to sweep and mop the kitchen and another two children have to be restrained from bickering incessantly while they do the supper dishes and a certain toddler-ish child has to be reminded not to stand with the back door open, watching the air in the backyard. 

So after we had whipped the house into shape, we drove into the little town near our house to do a few chores.  When we had done THAT, the children asked if they could go to a playground that we had passed and I said “Yes”.  Because I ENJOY sitting out in the blazing hot sun, watching my children do potentially dangerous things on playgrounds on which I wonder when was the last time the Playground Maintenance People checked the safety of the chains on the swings.  Because I’m paranoid like that.

They RAN to the play equipment and would’ve slammed against them with their faces if it weren’t for the 6 inches of sand that covered the entire playground and slowed them down.

And after they had played for awhile and were sitting in the grass putting their sandals back on, I told them that, when we get to Arizona, WE’LL BE DOING THIS A LOT! 

And the air shifted.  There were stars that actually aligned themselves differently in the heavens.  I think some of the plates in the earth moved too.

And they realized that, maybe?  Life WASN’T going to stink as much as they thought in Arizona!  And they MAY just have some fun down there in the Land of Excruciating Temperatures.

And I think there may even have been a tiny amount of stifled giddiness.


One Response to “This Morning’s Kid Epiphany”

  1. Momma said

    Aha! The Lord has begun working in their little brains! You have planted a seed and He will water it. (I know this is referred to in scripture as planting the ‘seed’ of salvation, but there Could be some cross-over illustration here, couldn’t there?) Let Him water and just wait to see the beautiful blooms that come. 🙂

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