A Van Conversation

July 2, 2008

Yesterday was our shopping day for this month.  It is quite possible that I will never again darken the doors of the Walmart I frequent here.  That would be COOL!  On a sad note, I may never again darken the doors of our favorite Goodwill here either.

But, oh the joys that await us in Arizona!!!

New, fresh, never-before-stepped-into-by-us Goodwills!!!

It’s kinda the way I feel about a whole field-full of snow that no one has walked on yet.  SCORE!


We were at some point of the trip and the 6-year-old had been given the opportunity to pick a DVD of her choice to watch in the van.  She picked “Sound of Music” much to the chagrin of the various boys occupying the van.  There was audible groaning.

If you have recently moved here from Outer Space or have been in a coma for, um, 72 years and have NOT seen this movie, I must tell you that there is singing in it.  Lots.  Singing in places you wouldn’t really think singing would occur in real life.  And actually DOESN’T. 

So most of the children were watching the opening scenes where Maria is singing on the top of the grassy mountain, spinning around and skipping over rocks in the stream, when suddenly 6-Year-Old says…..

“Mommy, Maria is VERY good at….”

And before she could finish the sentence, I began nodding because I just KNEW what she was going to say.  We had discussed Julie Andrews at length recently, and I had told them all about how she was born with an adult larynx and can reach an amazing amount of octaves and what are octaves, Mommy?  And how, as a little girl, she had an astounding voice, and just listen at how clear and beautiful it is.  And you know the scene where they are singing in the contest, right before they sneak away?  And everyone in the audience is singing the Austrian national anthem (or something) and you can hear Maria singing above everyone else at an octave HIGHER than everyone else? 

And I was already formulating in my head to 6-Year-Old the reiteration of how lovely Maria’s voice truly is, when she completed the sentence like this……

“She’s REALLY good at balancing on the rocks in the stream!”

And I tried to remember being six, and how that felt and what thoughts I had back then.

But all I could do was laugh at my wrong assumptions and the fact that, to 6-year-olds?  Balancing on rocks across a stream IS pretty cool!


2 Responses to “A Van Conversation”

  1. Joanna said

    LOL. Balancing on rocks. Sort of like twirling? Maybe to a 6YO girl.

  2. Loved this post! And Maria IS really good at balancing on the rocks… and also twirling… she was really, really good at twirling. Unfortunately, she truly needed a better dress to show off her twirling capabilities.

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