Scale of Cuteness

July 3, 2008

You know how parents always think THEIR kids are the cutest kids ever created? 

Sorry to burst the bubble if you’re one of these unfortunate adults who thinks this.

You’re so wrong.

And I have proof.

Our newest addition is CRAZY cute!

Astoundingly adorable!

And it’s not just because I’m his mom.


We were in a very large store a few weeks ago, and I was wearing this child on my front, facing out.  He was gurgling and cooing and being very chubby and adorable, when all of the sudden, I hear this lady YELL across the very large, very echo-y store…..


And she wasn’t my mom or someone I pay to come places with me and yell compliments across large, echo-y places.

(Although that would be rockin’ cool!  And very affirming!)

And then later on, this very nice older lady approached me and said that my baby was extremely adorable.  She said this….

“And I KNOW cute babies because I used to be a perinatal nurse.  And THAT is one cute baby!”

So even though I’m his mom, I think it’s safe to say that this baby is just plain, stinkin’ cute!  And I just had to post my feelings on this matter because every hour that passes in my day, I am ASTOUNDED that this child came out of me, and I haven’t eaten him alive yet.  I’m just glad I’m not a guinea pig.

(I’m having to restrain myself to not post pictures just to prove my right-ness.  This would be a good time for all those readers out there who have seen Hairy Babe, to verify his extreme and total adorable-ness for my other unfortunate readers who have not been blessed by seeing his perfect skin, beautiful dark hair, triple chins, and thighs that cannibals would go CRAZY over.)

(I’m thinking the eating-people theme isn’t going to go over well with my pastor’s wife, or that nice lady at church who has 8 kids and the best-tasting pork in the universe.  Or that pretty teen in my church who reads my blog every day but doesn’t speak to me because she knows I am unable to be friends with people who have long, flow-y hair that they are able to SIT ON!) 


5 Responses to “Scale of Cuteness”

  1. TW said

    OK Everyone, this is the lady at church with 8 kids and I am here to tell you that the “eating-people theme” is actually right on b/c Mom-of-Hairy-Babe is correct, that baby is stinkin’ CUTE! You should see his incredibly adorable smile, it’s delicious! And those chubby thighs are irresistibly squeeze-able, and if I WAS a cannibal I would dream about them! It’s logical, y’know, that Yummy Man should have a Yummy Baby. ALMOST as yummy as my pork! 🙂

  2. I JUST posted about this same topic on Monday!!!! And I’m sure your baby is gorgeous!

  3. abi said

    OH MY GOODNESS! You have us just rolling with laughter!!! And I bet you can guess who US is?! 🙂 I love the tenatious way in which you write!! And for all of you who haven’t seen this crazily cute baby…you are missing out!!!

  4. person with sit-on-able hair said

    So I went out of my way to talk to you Sunday. Oh…and all the eat-up-cute-baby stuff isn’t bothering me. Maybe if I didn’t know you I might have to report canabalistic threats or something…but I know you…and I know you’d NEVER eat hairy baby : )
    He really is cute though, everyone…just so you know. I was late leaving church because of his Royal Cuteness’s charm and wit : )

  5. Zum said

    WOW! Sounds like you’ve got one cute baby there, lady! Wish I could see him for myself. Sure you don’t want to post a picture? OK. I understand. “Chubby thighs” – makes him sound like a Thanksgiving turkey! 🙂 Can’t imagine. 🙂

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