From the More-Than-You-Wanted-to-Know Department

July 8, 2008

This is too funny.

Sunday, the nice, pretty young lady who goes to my church (or do I go to HER church?), whom I wrote about here actually made it a point to talk to me on Sunday at church.

Even though she KNEW I would go home and cry afterwards because I stood so close to someone who has nauseatingly gorgeous and ultra-long hair.

And I don’t so much.

But she made me feel better about my little crop of naturally-curly-but-so-thin-that-you-would-be-able-to-see-my-scalp-if-it-weren’t-for-the-curls hairdo that I so bravely sport in a church full of women with sickeningly long hair.

She told me that she had to cut it a little recently because……

Mom?  You probably need to stop reading now.  Otherwise, you will be very disappointed in your daughter who chooses to write about this subject of supreme uncouthness.

Okay.  Sorry about that.

She had to cut it because it kept falling into the potty when she “used the facilities”.

All together now…..


And the only reason why I found this okay to blog about is because I’ll be moving soon.

And probably never coming back.

Although I DO feel a little bad about taking advantage of the fact that most people who know me realize that they must watch their behavior VERY CAREFULLY when they’re around me or else they’ll end up as Blog Fodder. 

And she didn’t really, did she?

And now she’ll never speak to me again, will she?

Well, it was nice while it lasted.



7 Responses to “From the More-Than-You-Wanted-to-Know Department”

  1. Susan said

    I am bummed. You don’t ever blog about your psycho friend who is only going on number 7 and can’t even handle the 6 she already has. Just jokin!!

  2. Kristin said

    Kinda’ makes you wonder how Crystal Gayle ever managed, doesn’t it?

  3. person with sit-on-able hair said

    Now just a minute person-who’s-moving-away-so-can-post-crazy-things-about-her-friends-who-live-where-she’s-moving-away-from-soon, I said that was what happened A LONG TIME AGO!!!!!
    So for all those of you out there who are really grossed about this…it was like in my pre-knowing you days…think like age 5…or 6 : ) Just for clarification…and if you know me, which sadly some of you do…(lol)…you know it was a few YEARS ago that I first trimmed my hair. So there.

    BTW, Mrs. ——-…you’r hair doesn’t look thin. I think it’s cute…and I was standing there thinking that on Sunday when you were getting nausiated (how ever you spell that) about mine. lol…lol…LOL!!!!! Thank you for not barfing, as it takes and ETERNITY to wash (three feet, no joke!)

  4. Trinka said

    Over the shoulder blessed-young-lady … gotta flip it over your shoulder. 🙂

  5. oliveplants said

    Hey person with sit-on-able hair,
    Yeah. I didn’t hear that part about it being a long time ago. Sorry about that. I was just blinded by the hair and my hearing may have been affected too. Sorta like Lucy in the Charlie Brown comics…..”The sun blinded me!” Except it was your hair.
    And now that I’ve said the word “hair” 72 times, and not that eloquently I might add, I will step away from the keyboard.
    Thanks for commenting, Anonymous Nice Young Lady Who Doesn’t Accidentally Drop Her Hair in the Toilet Anymore.


  6. Mother said

    Oh, Uncouth Daughter. EWWWWWW! (There. You Knew I was going to say that!) 🙂 Why don’t you tell your readers what you and your sister did (when you were very young) to pretend you had long hair? I bet they all would get a kick out of that. 🙂 And, although yours is short, at least it’s Curly, Girl.

  7. Lori said

    BTW – steer clear of cookies and cream I/C ….
    I’m here to tell you – that stuff does awful things to your hips, unsuspectingly!!!! Totally caught me off guard and I’m still dealing with the “after-shock”……

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