July 10, 2008

It’s possible that part of the reason that you read my blog is because it makes you laugh.  It helps you to see that you’re not alone out there in Mommy World.  That there is someone weirder than you, doing what you do, but in a 15-passenger-van kind of way.

But there seems to be a perception in normal sized families, that we moms-of-many have it together.

Not so.

At least not last night.

Yes, my spices are alphabetized and everyone in the house has color-coded towels.  Yes, I am fully capable of birthing big, huge babies in weird places that aren’t hospitals.  Yes, I am scarily and rabidly organized in almost every way possible.

But some days I just get tired of the noise.

And the whining.

And the diapers.

And the bickering.

And the constant clamoring for my attention.

And I want to take a Mommy Vacation.

You know what I mean.  The kind of vacation where I sit in a hotel room, towels on the floor, sheets slung off the end of the bed, greasy food containers on the nightstand, and just listen to the quiet.  And use the bathroom in peace.  And take a long shower that doesn’t entail someone knocking on the door, needing to know where more size 3 diapers are.

Last night, Yummy Man and I made a hard decision. 

We decided that, in the best interest of our famiy, he would go down to Arizona for a month and leave us here.

We found out that the wait for housing will be longer than we expected and for us to go down there and sit in a 400 square foot hotel room, with 9 kids and 110-degree weather would not be feasible.  Or sane.

And so I had a temper tantrum in which I spent a few minutes feeling sorry for myself and being bitter.

And Yummy Man sat there and listened to me whine and cry and basically be a hormonal train wreck.  He nodded and empathized and didn’t roll his eyes.  He told me that he hated it as much as I did and would do everything he could to NOT enjoy himself while there, alone in a hotel room with towels on the floor, sheets slung off the end of the bed, greasy food containers on the nightstand, and nothing else to do but watch The Weather Channel and miss us.

And after a few minutes had gone by, and my breathing had returned to normal, and I felt a little less alone in the world, I was good. 

And this morning when I woke up, I was ready to be a military wife and suck it up and do this thing!

So in a few weeks, my nights will be free.  In case you are wondering, I will be doing these things:

1.  Eating lots of ice cream


2.  Blogging

Oh yeah.

And driving my readers absolutely bonkers with posts about how many diapers I changed that day and what we had for supper.

Because without my best friend, Yummy Man, I am a sad, uninteresting individual.


6 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Susan said

    Too funny. My hubby is only going to be gone for one night and I was throwing a fit because he gets to eat out wherever he wants and the company will be paying for it. I told him it’s jsut not far that I have to stay here and eat a home cooked meal and he will probably be eating prime rib. Go figure. It’s nice to know we all have our fits sometimes.

  2. Happy Geek said

    Oh I am sorry.
    I have spent a month with just me and my kids and it was lonely. And hard. But I made it. You will too. However, please please tell me that you will not be driving them to Arizona alone. Because Y.M. and I will have to have a talk if this is the case.
    And then, is there anyway that he can stay at home with your babies and let you have a mommy vacation with towels on the floor, even if for one night? You will have earned it.
    Hang in there.
    I happily await all your diaper posts, because you can even make poop funny.

  3. Kelly said

    just so you know i’ve wanted to post a comment for the last couple weeks, but until today, it hasent let me… just so you know that i daily (and on “those days” hourly) anxiously check to see if there is a new post 😉

    i would say good call on sending your dh on ahead. so that is why the good Lord hasn’t had your home sold as of yet? just a thought 🙂 i am doubtful that i have/will experience as a difficult transition such as your are about to attempt, but i can relate to a very small degree. my dh has a job in agriculture (agronomist) plus a small family farm to help run; thus making about 15+ hour days for about 4-5 months out of the year = a lonely, slightly crazy housewife. i have really struggled with the enemy trying to steal my joy during this busy time of year. my renewed mindset is to take it as a challenge, have lots of fun and new experiences with the dc, focus on my personal relationship with my Savior, and rediscover how much i appreciate and love my dh!

  4. Kristen said

    I am thankful that it is not getting any easier when my husband leaves! I love knowing that one day, one month or one year we miss each other all the time and it reminds me of how thankful I am that we ARE best friends!!! Good luck!!! If we were closer we could get the kids together!

  5. Mother said

    Oh no you’re NOT a “sad, uninteresting individual” – you’re a wonderful wife and mother! The time that is coming – it will be: Hard? Yes. Fun? No. Worth it? You betcha’. You’ll be missing half of yourself, that’s true, but you’ll do beautifully because you know the One who will help you through it.

  6. Lori said

    Just think – Yummy Man will be even yummier when you see him after some time apart! And oh boy the butterflies you will feel when you are just hours from seeing him again after ALL that time apart! It made me realize how much I really loved my hubs! Looking forward to the extra blogs!

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