July 16, 2008

Here’s something about me that most people don’t know.

Whispering drives me bonkers.

Like, send-me-to-the-insane-asylum kind of bonkers.

One of my daughters likes to whisper to me in my ear about various secrets that she is fond of keeping.  While I have endured about 4 years of whispering from her, the whispering incidences have increased recently to the point where I just had to tell her.

“Daughter?  Whispering in my ear DRIVES ME BONKERS, ‘kay?  But I DO love you and all.”

And she was okay with it, I think.

There is just something about a person, no matter how cute they are, coming up to my ear and basically blowing hot air into it with a little spittle included that just makes me want to rip my fingernails out of their fingernail-beds one. by. one.

And it’s not like I even GET what they were trying to say anyway because it was just all hot, wet, spittle-covered gibberish.  During which I cringed violently, screamed silently inside my head, and clenched my fists so tightly that I will have permanent fingernail marks in my palms.

And that’s not even getting into the OTHER pet peeve I have that is intimately included in this whispering phenomenon.  Wet mouth noises.  (Hi, Nicole!)

That’s another post for another day.

I’m sure you can hardly wait.


2 Responses to “Whispering”

  1. I have sensory processing disorder, so my pet peeves are many. The whispering thing drives me batty, too. It’s just gross to think of all of those mouth germs near my ear, not to mention the feel (and smell) of someone’s breath so close to my face. Wait… sorry… was that too much info? Oh well, be glad I didn’t detail my OTHER sensory pet peeves. LOL.

  2. Johanna said

    I think we must all have our little things like that. I HATE when someone taps me. My children don’t seem to get this, especially my three year old who is fond of just tapping my inner arm for no reason at all. I finally told him that he needed to stop that pronto because he was driving me “up nuts” which is our families weird combination of “driving me up a wall” and “driving me nuts” that my oldest came up with when he was two. He got it. I think.

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