Every Day of My Life

July 26, 2008

I know.  I should be working instead of blogging, but right now, everything is under control.

 Because even though I just wrote a post on the levels of stress that I am under, I am famous for embellishing.

 Okay, not famous.  Just.  Um.  Okay, I guess I’m a big, fat liberty-taker that 50 or so people read a day. 

 So that’s not famous. 


 Here is a conversation that happened this afternoon as I made a list of all the things we will be selling at our moving sale tomorrow. This happpens many times a day and will explain why I am just a tad bit weird. 

Me, to 14-year-old:  “Okay, tell me what all you want to sell and we’ll talk about prices and I’ll write it all down.”

14-Year-Old:  “I want to sell these books….”

4-Year-Old:  “Mommy?  I found my tiny baby’s outfit!”

Me, to 4-Year-Old:  “YEAH!  I’m so happy you found it!!”

Me, to 14-Year-Old:  “So books.  Okay, what do you think we should price them at?”  (You can tell by my grammar that I’m a homeschooling mom, can’t you?)

4-Year-Old:  “And I think it will fit in my Little Things Box because 8-Year-Old gave me his!”

Me, to 4-Year-Old:  “Wasn’t that nice of him!  Why don’t you try to go see if it fits!”

14-Year-Old:  “I don’t know how much to ask.  What do YOU think?”

8-Year-Old:  “What are we having for supper, Mommy?”

Me, to 8-Year-Old:  “I don’t answer that question anymore, remember?”

Me, to 14-Year-Old:  “Well, I’m thinking that we can just put the same kinds of books in a box and put one price for each on the box itself.”

4-Year-Old:  “Mommy?  8-Year-Old gave me his Little Things Box because mine was too small, so now I have a bigger one!  The little one didn’t hold my big wood doll or my Legos or my blocks, or my…..”

14-Year-Old:  “Do you think that will work?”

Me, to 14-Year-Old:  “Yes, I think it will be fine.  Now, what else do you have?”

6-Year-Old:  “Mommy?  Can I do the computer?”

Me, to 6-Year-Old:  “Yes, but be sure to set the timer.”

4-Year-Old:  “….paper dolls or my Bible.  But now I can fiteverything!  Mommy?  When can we watch ‘Bambi’ again?”

Me, to 4-Year-Old:  “I’m not sure and it’s not really high on my priority list right now, okay?”

14-Year-Old:  “I have some Beanie Babies that I don’t want anymore.  What do you want to do with those?”

8- Year-Old:  “Is it suppertime yet?”

Me, to 8-Year-Old:  “Did you hear me call you for supper?”

8-Year-Old:  “I don’t think so.  Did you?”

4-Year-Old:  “How about ‘Finding Nemo’?  When can we watch THAT again?”

14-Year-Old:  “Mommy?  Did you hear what I said?”

Me, to 11-Year-Old:  “Go downstairs quickly!  I think 2-Year-Old found gum.”

6- Year-Old:  “Mommy!  Look at my zoo!”  (She was doing the Zoo Tycoon CD-ROM which could be the coolest CD-ROM ever made.)

14-Year-Old, hyperventilating because she saw 2-Year-Old eating something:  “MOMMY!  HE’S EATING THE COOKIES THAT I MADE TO SELL TOMORROW AT THE MOVING SALE!”

Me:  “Don’t freak out.  He only eats out of the trash can, remember?”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is my life.






And ya know something?

I love it!



8 Responses to “Every Day of My Life”

  1. Joy said

    My head is spinning.

  2. My brain now hurts. That’s all. Just wanted to share that. My brain now hurts.

  3. Happy Geek said

    “He only eats out of the trash can. Remember?” Hey wait a second, what is my two year old doing at your house?
    Funny stuff.

  4. I know how that feels, and I only have 5.

  5. Kristen said

    Can you please repeat that? LOL

  6. Mindy said

    Oh, man, can I identify! Especially with refusing to answer the “What’s for dinner?” question. :o)

  7. Octamom said

    Sounds like many afternoons at our house—and LOVED that you don’t answer the ‘what’s for dinner question’ anymore–brilliant–I am already calculating how many disagreements and attitudes that could help eliminate in one fell swoop of taking the Fifth–I am taking that bit of mommy wisdom with me for sure!!!

  8. me said

    gotta love those four-way-chats!

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