First Thing This Morning.

July 30, 2008

3-Year-Old doesn’t seem to be understanding the whole Daddy-will-be-gone-for-a-few-weeks thing.  She has asked me where Daddy is three times a day since he’s been gone.

3-Year-Olds don’t have concepts of time.  Or units of measurement.

(Recently, one of my children became irritated at a sibling who continued to ask her the same question over and over again.  When I told her to answer kindly, she said, “I DID Mommy!  I’ve answered her 5 WEEKS!”)

And please comment and let me know if YOU understood that.  Any 4-year-olds out there reading the blog that can interpret?


This morning, first thing, 3-Year-Old asked me where Daddy was.  (See?  I told you she did that!)

Me:  “Remember?  Daddy’s driving to Arizona.”

3-Year-Old:  “To get lunch?”


3 Responses to “First Thing This Morning.”

  1. Octamom said

    Awwww! One of mine used to be looking for something and if she couldn’t find it, the phrase was always, “I had it last week!”–even if she’d had it five minutes ago….

    Hope you’re hanging in there okay!

  2. Joanna said

    LOL!!! Make sure he brings back something worth while for such a long trip.

  3. Johanna said

    My 3-year old gve me a very exasperated, “I am 3 hours hungry, mom!” when he didn’t think dinner was quite fast enough in coming. Say what? I’m really not sure what that means either!

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