I Think I Pulled Something

July 30, 2008

I have recently discovered something really cool about having kids that are slowly becoming young adults.

They get their own sense of humor.

So instead of laughing at your cute little baby who just discovered his hands, you’re laughing at something that your 10-year-old said that was funny.

On purpose.

I found myself outside today, bent over at the waist with tears running down my cheeks because of something that my 10-year-old said.

We have been working recently with this child, helping him learn the difference between foolishness and humor.

Humor is better.

Foolishness must go.

He is slowly getting it, I think.  He has a sense of humor like his dad which is to say that it is hugely and mostly corny with a peppering of wit thrown in just to make sure you’re paying attention.

See, this morning, 8-Year-Old noticed a large piece of steel laying on the grass in the yard.  Being an 8-year-old boy, he was REQUIRED by all that is in 8-year-old boys to pick it up, twist it, bend it, hack at it with something, and then stomp on it.  After he had done each of these things, he came to me, bewildered as to why it didn’t just sink back down into the ground after he had virtually mauled it to death.  No.  It was sticking up straight toward the sky with no hope of EVER laying down again.

So something had to be done.

I had the boys bring shovels and we set to work, digging around the piece of metal that was in the ground.  As we dug deeper and deeper, it became clear that this was a huge hunk of some sort of old farm implement.  That some bonehead saw fit to bury…..STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN! 

After we had been digging awhile, the boys asked me how much deeper I thought it was and how much longer it would be until they could stop, basically.  So I explained to them how a farm implement worked and showed them the area that probably “clicked” onto the tractor.  (And if there are any farm wives out there snickering under their breath right now, just know that I do not come from a farming family.  So kindly squelch the urge to fall off your chair laughing at me.  Thank you.)  And then I explained that since the “clicking-on” part of the implement is right THERE, and one half of the implement is sticking out of the ground THERE, then the other half is still buried so you can see how much farther we have to go.  And yes, I was met with blank stares, but at least I understood what I was trying to say, which isn’t always a given around here.

So then my very funny 10-year-old said this….

“So if this is an implement that clicks onto a tractor, then if we dig deep enough, we’ll find the tractor too!”  And then he smiled that smile at me where his dimple shows up on the same side of his head as the Cutest Cowlick Ever Seen On A 10-Year-Old.

And that’s when the tears of laughter started. 

And I had trouble stopping.

I even think I may have snorted.

I know.  It doesn’t take much to entertain me.


4 Responses to “I Think I Pulled Something”

  1. Patti said

    oh. my. gosh. That entire meandering diatribe was well worth the punch line!

  2. You are not alone. It made me laugh, too.

  3. Susan said

    That is the best thing about kids. They bring us JOY!!!

  4. Kristin said

    So, did you ever manage to dig up the whole thing??


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