July 30, 2008

Me:  “Okay, 3-Year-Old, run upstairs and pick out a play dress for today.”

3-Year-Old:  “But Mommy!  I want to be nekkid!”  (Our modesty training slamming headlong into the reality of our chubby, curly daughter’s need to be FREE!!!!!)

Me:  “You cannot be nekkid, okay?  Now run upstairs for Mommy and pick out a dress.”

3-Year-Old:  “But MOMMY!  I CAN’T!”  (The exclamation point was invented with this child in mind.  Trust me.)

Me:  “Why not?”

3-Year-Old:  “Because it’s windy outside!”

Like, duh!


Here’s another one……

8-Year-Old, running, breathlessly upstairs to me, eyes wide:  “MOMMY!  Do you have any meat?”

Me, sensing a food emergency:  “WHAT do you mean by that….do I have any meat?  I have some sausage in the freezer and a turkey and maybe a stray chicken or two.  Why?”

8-Year-Old:  “Because I read that frogs eat meat so I have to get some for my frogs!!!”

Me, and please be informed that these frogs could sit on a quarter, with room to spare:  “Um, I think it means that they eat ants or spiders or maybe a very small grasshopper.  You can’t plunk a burger in their terarium and watch them chomp away at it, okay?”

8-Year-Old:  Blink.  Blink.  “Oh.  Okay.”

This is the kind of stuff that Yummy Man is missing!  Can you believe it?  I mean, he’s probably sitting somewhere RIGHT NOW watching the Weather Channel and just WISHING that he was here with us!  And he’s lonely and woeful and dejected!

Except if he’s watching HGTV. 

In that case, he may NEVER come back to get us.


One Response to “Yesterday”

  1. Joanna said

    Windy = nekkid? I must not be three. I wonder if that would make sense to my 3YO.

    LOL, you have a funny family.

    I hope you’re not too lonely and overwhelmed without hubby around.

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