Someday Soon You Will Have a Break From Posts About Vomit and Temper Tantrums

July 31, 2008

Little bit of business here…..

In one month, I will be without internet until we get a house.

I know.  I have a paper bag, open and ready, right here beside me in case I begin to hyper-ventilate.

Yummy Man and I decided to not get a laptop for this time because we like NOT spending $600 for something that we don’t need.

Well, actually, Yummy Man asked me 264 times if I was SURE we didn’t need a laptop and proceeded to tell me all the cool things about having one and howEVER would I manage without one?

And I told him this…..


So instead of spending any extra free time that I have at night on the computer, writing about my weird little life, I will be learning how I can make over an entire room in my house for less than $5.  Or something like that.  And really?  Not too tough of an assignment when you figure that the rooms in my new house will be 2 feet by 6 feet.

I know.  I have a paper bag, open and ready, right here beside me in case I begin to hyper-ventilate.

So.  Since I know that so many of you have said that you, also, may have hyper-ventilation issues if you are unable to have a new blog post of mine every few days, I have two solutions for you.

Solution number 1….Buy my book already!  Then you will have an entire year’s-worth of blog posts at your fingertips, to read anywhere you want to!  You can’t take your computer into the tub with you, can you?  You can with my book!  So there’s THAT solution.

Solution number 2…And this one isn’t as good, but it’s free so Joanna will like it.  If you don’t already read this blog on a feed reader, I would recommend highly that you register with one and make your life easier.  Then you won’t have to check my blog 82 times a week to see if I’m back.  Whenever I DO either get to a computer or move into a house and get all my stuff and get back to blogging, it will automatically show up on your feed reader.  And for those of you who don’t know what a feed reader is, it is a free service that compiles all the blogs, news, weather, etc. that you read each day and puts them all in one place.  So instead of going to each blog every day, which takes a lot of time, you just go to your reader, and there they all are!  And then, when I get back to blogging, my new post will show up there, and you’ll know that you won’t miss it.  Also, it will ensure that you won’t forget about me while I’m gone! 

The only downside to a feed reader is that you don’t get the aesthetics.  Basically, if you live to see the olives on my header each day, or you have a thing for colored font, then you’ll be disappointed. 

You’ll also be a little bit weird, but we won’t discuss that right now.

So now you have a month to order my book or get all your blogs and stuff onto a feed reader.  Or both if you REALLY love me.

And by the way….I use for my reader, but there are others out there.  I know that some of you use Yahoo and Google readers and I’m not sure if they are better, but it really doesn’t matter.  Just get you one!

Also by the way, you can order my book at the “My Book” tab at the top of this page.

Because I’m really good at thinking up witty page names.  Can’t you tell?


3 Responses to “Someday Soon You Will Have a Break From Posts About Vomit and Temper Tantrums”

  1. Mindy said

    Well, I’m going to break with my usual code of conduct and actually agree with YM here. :o) My husband tried to convince me for a couple of YEARS that he needed to get me a laptop, and I refused for a long time, thinking I didn’t need it. Well, I finally gave in in April, and I have to tell you, I LOVE this computer–and I don’t know how I ever got along without it! It would take me all morning to tell you all of the ways it has made my life easier. :o) So, maybe you should at least THINK about it.

  2. Steph said

    I use google and have it fed to my igoogle home page, but it only shows me a summary. So if your first 2 lines are good, then I HAVE to click the “more” and actually visit your blog to read. Annoying? Yes. But your first two lines are ALWAYS good, LOL. So I do it anyway. 🙂 Kristin and I will definitely miss reading about you while you’re away!!

  3. Zum said

    Love the idea of a feed reader – never heard of one before. Sounds like ‘just the ticket’; thanks for the info. Now if I can just find the time to set that thing up, I’ll be in good shape. You are so smart!

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