August 1, 2008

I really should be in bed.


But it’s lonely there. 

And it’s just not the same without Yummy Man in there snoring and stuff.

But I wanted to give you an update since you have all been so nice, being interested in our move and all that is leading up to it.

The moving sale was a rip-roaring success!  We actually didn’t sell that much, but we DID sell big-ticket stuff, which means we made a bunch of money which is always a good thing, right?

Here was the coolest part…..We sold 32 pieces of sheet metal…..THAT WERE HERE WHEN WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE! 

And on the same day, our house was shown to a couple who gave us an offer later on that night.

That we accepted.

And so we have a contract on the house, which means that I can sleep at night again!

We had prayed that someone would give us an offer on the house before Yummy Man left, and it happened.  HOURS away from his leaving.

Waiting on God is hard.  But it is always worth it.

And now, just to stir things up a bit, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

For my newer readers, I would like to introduce you to my favorite blog, and one of only a handful worth reading on the entire internet.


Her words touch me each time she writes.  And not in the kind of way that you may be used to.  Not in a “Huh….That’s-a-pretty-good-point” kind of way. 


In a “Amazing…..I-will-never-be-the-same-or-think-the-same-way-ever-again” kind of way.

And she does this almost every day.  It is a great and glorious gift that she has.

She makes the occurrence of a broken-down combine beautiful. 

She finds beauty in an old man’s gnarled hands and joy in a head of wheat.

She loves her husband and her children and her farming way of life. 

She’s real. 

And she’ll blow you away.

Go see for yourself.


6 Responses to “Update”

  1. Happy Geek said

    You sold your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the sheet metal?
    Too cool.

    I’ve sold stuff at yard sales that I had previously found in the trash.

    That money just makes me happy.

    (I cannot believe the levels of geekdom I just exposed.)

  2. Lori said

    Congrats on the sale! That’s a load off the shoulders, isn’t it?

    BTW – Did you sell Yummy Man’s car?

  3. Yummy Man said

    No body has complained about my snoring for a week now. Are you sure it really happens?

  4. oliveplants said

    Yummy Man,
    Ask the guy next door and see what he says.

    Or you could ask a couple guys that are living across the street. They’d be able to tell you too.

    Not that it’s LOUD or anything.



    YM’s car is in AZ as we speak. I don’t think YM can bear to part with it, especially now that it has air conditioning!!!!!
    If we find we don’t use it much, we’ll sell it. After being in AZ for awhile, Little Honda Car may WANT to move to Ohio! =) ‘Cause, you know, it’s hot in AZ. Did you know that?

  5. Lori said

    You know, I do recall hearing, from someone, that it gets ridiculously hot there – seems strange you would decide, arbitrarily, to move somewhere that gets so stinkin’ hot. But don’t worry, it’s a dry heat – that’s totally different 😉

  6. Octamom said

    I’ll head over and read your recommend–and I’m so thrilled for you that the move is now officially underway with the sale of the house–what a huge blessing!

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