Makin’ Stinkies

August 3, 2008

This afternoon, 3-Year-Old came upstairs and informed me that she had a stinky and needed it changed.

Oh, the joys.

As I was changing her, she informed me that Miss A does not ever have stinkies.

I told her that this was NOT true.  That God made ALL of our bodies to have stinkies.

I’m sure that Billy Graham and John Piper had these conversations with THEIR moms when THEY were three years old also.

And if you somehow know that they DIDN’T, don’t tell me.  I’m pretending they did.  And you can’t stop me.

So na-na-nee-boo-boo.

And then she informed me that Mrs. J didn’t have stinkies either.

And in case you are a new reader, Miss A and Mrs. J are 3-Year-Old’s epitomes of all that is beautiful and sparkly and ballerina-ish.

Apparently, stinkies aren’t ANY of those things.  Hence, Miss A and Mrs. J don’t make stinkies.

And I found myself kinda sad that I, her MOTHER, wasn’t on her list of beautiful, sparkly, ballerina-ish Non-Stinky-Makers.

And yes, I realize the utter pathetic-ness of that statement.

I’m okay with that.


3 Responses to “Makin’ Stinkies”

  1. Susan said

    Well I am glad some little person in this world things I’m pretty neat and that I don’t make stinkies. I am sure if she wants to know the truth she can just talk to my girls.

    Isn’t it great how kids minds work. It just fascinates me sometime.

    By the way tell the 3 year old that Mrs. J Says, “Hello”

  2. Yummy Man said

    Since I won’t be awake to beat you to the punch…..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! The past 19 years haven’t been all peaches and cream but they have been very gratifying. You are the epitome of what God expects in a woman. You have proven, by far, to be the creme’de la creme’ of what men wish for in a wife. There is not a woman alive that can match your abilities as wife, mother, and teacher. You are an inspiration to our girls as well as our boys. Our son-in-laws will be grateful for the excellent example you are setting today for our daughters. Our sons will have a difficult time finding wives that come close to your skills and devotion. I look forward to what this next year brings. Even though you’ll be one year closer to that “pivitol” age.:)
    Go and have some chinese tonight, on me. I LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Kristin said

    You just can’t beat a great 3-yr-old question… My #4 child just turned 3 and I can’t WAIT to hear his questions! (But first we need to work on being able to actually understand what it is he’s saying… LOL)

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