Um. I’M Back. Where Are YOU?

September 10, 2008

If you read my last post, you would’ve noticed how cocky I was about the events of the next day.  How I was all….”So tomorrow we’ll go here and we’ll eat there and maybe we’ll see you at the BX”.  Looking back on that, it’s kinda funny to me.

Just kinda though.

Because obtaining a horrendous stomach virus within hours of having to leave a vacation home that you’ve just spent an uneventful week in, really isn’t funny.

Having two children vomiting into buckets in the back seat of the van and having to stop every 20 miles or so to do further business in gas stations you wouldn’t normally step into unarmed but you had to because there are no other bathrooms around with walls, isn’t really funny either.

Whenever I have ever tried to imagine and, thus, anticipate nightmarish road trips with 9 children, it was very close to what we experienced on Saturday.

Except I imagined blood too.

Thankfully, we were spared that. 

Barely, though, I’m sure.

(MAN!  Is this a happy post, or what?)

Comments are on, so please let me know what YOU’VE been up to lately. 

It’s good to be back.

It’s even BETTER now that I’m connecting at 49!

AND not on the verge of vomiting for 6 hours straight.


10 Responses to “Um. I’M Back. Where Are YOU?”

  1. Susan said

    I am so glad you all made it. I already miss you and wish I could just cry to you about terrible I feel right now. How selfish I am being, talking about myself. I am glad that the trip had no blood shed. Tell all the kids hi and I can’t wait to talk to you. I know you are busy so I will just keep you posted when it comes to baby. I am still wobbling around.

  2. Trinka said

    oh dear

    I’m so sorry.

    It can only get better from here … right? I hope?

    I hope you’re all feeling better really soon, and able to settle in a bit.

  3. Joanna said

    So, how’s the house?

  4. Gwendolyn said

    Oh dear. The idea of a stomach virus and a car trip combined gives me hives. The only time we experienced it was when my oldest was two and we were coming home from my grandfather’s funeral. She was the only child at the time, though…so still not nearly as horrible as your experience! I’m glad you are feeling better!

  5. Mindy said

    What a nightmare! Ugh!!!
    I have done that traveling all day by air–with little children vomiting and having diarrhea. It’s AWFUL. I feel your pain.
    I sure am glad you’re back, though! I have missed your blog immensely! :o)

  6. oliveplants said

    We are staying in temporary lodging right now, which is like a very small apartment. We have been in this since Sunday. Today we are supposed to get the one next to us also, so we’ll be able to stretch out a bit and Mommy will be able to get a little break during the day, which I haven’t had in 2 weeks and need daily. It’s like oxygen.
    We will probably be here for a month or so. There are a few people ahead of us on the waiting list for housing. We’re not praying that they’ll get run over by a bus or anything, but we’re anxious to be number 1 on the list, ya know?
    So how big is the place YOU live? Are you the Jo that lives in an apartment with 4 daughters and another one the way? Or am I WAAAYYYY off? I could use some keeping-your-kids-quiet-so-that-you-don’t-get-kicked-out tips. Oh. But you don’t have boys, so that’s a whole different animal. Unless you have a girl that is channeling a boy. I’ve had a few friends who had that.
    MAN, I’m chatty!
    Thanks for writing!

  7. Tina said

    Well, you know after some time in temporary lodging the house you make it in to just might seem large!
    (for a few hours at least!)

  8. Joanna said

    Yeah, that’s me. I am afraid that I don’t have much advice. I used to think that people who thought boys were harder than girls were smoking crack at best, but I’ve changed my tune. I think I would have turned in my insanity card long ago if I had sons peeing in the toilet at the same time and the mess that goes along with that and all the other crazy things that I’ve heard boys do. My girls are ANGELS I tell you, especially compared to that. I’m glad you’re getting another place to stretch out in and I’ll be praying that you get into your house soon. I think a back yard makes so much difference.

    Soon, and hopefully very soon, we may be moving into our first home. We’re getting a fantastic deal on a foreclosure and if all goes well we’ll be moving our family to a 3,442 square foot house WITH A BACK YARD. Plenty of room to grow, I think. Need a vacation? We’ll have an extra room. 🙂

    Glad you’re back!!

  9. Steph said

    It’s been entirely boring at our house. No vomiting and no major blood loss. Oh…my recently turned 3 yo has gotten himself into too many grapes and had very loose stools. But that’s it. 6 kids and just started daycare and zero excitement here. 🙂 If anyone wants to stop by my blog and give me tips on how to work from home WITH your husband and still stay married I could use me some of that right now. Because I wasn’t very respectful today when I told him he should not be reading a book while he was so-called watching the toddlers take every book and toy off the shelves. New stages of life are always fun, right?

  10. Patti said

    Gosh, out of a vomit-mobile and into temp. housing for an undetermined amount of time…really is there any difference (besides the smell, I mean)? I guess the upside is that you have a bathroom of your very own in the event of catostrophic gastronomic distress!

    This is an awesome opportunity to REALLY bond with one another. What choice do you have, considering the amount of square footage per person each of you are allotted? PLUS it will make the house you move into seem so much larger after having been crammed together for over a month!

    While trying to keep little people happy AND quiet, how about lots of excusions to the on base library, and parks? There might even be a play group meeting a few times a week where to which you can escape your 4 walls! The weather should be less incredibly hot by now, right?

    I know you will love your new area because you are the single most “blessings” oriented gal I’ve ever heard tell of!

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