The Past 24 Hours……When I Began Writing This Post Two Days Ago

September 28, 2008

Here is what has happened within the past 24 hours here in Arizona.

Where it’s hot but it’s a dry heat.

Our toilet overflowed.  Not 4 clear drops, sliding over the edge of the seat and plopping daintily on the floor.



We’re talking Niagara Falls here. 

GALLONS pouring over the side and heading toward the hallway before I stopped them. 



That’s the first thing that has happened within the past 24 hours here in Arizona.

The second thing that has happened is that we lost our beautiful, LARGE house.  The person that lives there now is not moving after all.

So to make up for that, the housing office offered us a 1300 square foot house in the ghetto section of the base.

Did I just type that?

Um.  Okay.

It was not in a very cheery section, let’s say.  “Depressing” would be the word I would use if I talked about it, which I didn’t because I was sobbing too hard.

After that, I just got mad.

And I kinda got demanding.

And my kids saw it.

But we will now be moving into a house that is actually SMALLER than that, if you can believe it, but is in a very nice neighborhood on base.  Not because I got mad and demanding, but because God is good, even when I get whiney.

We actually saw this neighborhood the second day we were here, and we sat in the van and prayed the Lord would give us a house there.  After going through 3 other home offers (one that fell through and 2 that were just plain…….um…….icky), we got it!  And the house we will be moving into next week, was not officially being offered to ANYONE and no one else, when being offered a house on base, is allowed to choose between two of them like we were.  It has been sitting, waiting for our 9 kids, 243 boxes of household goods, and buckets and buckets of Legos and K’nex.

Please pray that God will expand those closets and bedrooms to fit all of our stuff.

Also pray for our neighbors.  I’m certain they would thank you.


6 Responses to “The Past 24 Hours……When I Began Writing This Post Two Days Ago”

  1. Tina said

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….
    I sure will be praying! At least it is the nice section of base. Hopefully it has some creative storage spaces, you can live anywhere if you have good storage!

  2. Susan said

    Well I am glad you got a house. And I am glad it is in a nice area.

    Stop by my blog I have an award for you . I know you are busy so take your time.

  3. Kristin said

    I love to do crosswords. The other day, one of my clues was “Phoenix in summer.” Can you guess the answer?? Yep, that’s right… it was HOT. LOL I immediately thought of you. 🙂

  4. Nana C said

    Allison, yes God will expand those closets and bedrooms and you will have abundant life in Arizona. You are a great family and my prayers flow to our Father to give you all and more, as he so very much loves you. Love Nana C

  5. Bob Knapp said

    Dear Allison:

    Because we are leaving on Monday and I was wondering about your housing situation I read your blog this morning. I am glad that God has provided a home in the neighborhood you like. As to the closets, seeing the back end of the van at our house, and how you pack, I am certain that you will have more than enough space! We will be gone on Brent’s birthday, so would you wish him happy birthday for us, and if you want to give him a birthday gift from us, how about a plunger?

    Agape, Bob

  6. Patti said

    I’m glad that God loves you and that you recognize his hand in your life. Isn’t it a blessing to know? The closets will fit all the things you need and then you’ll have the opportunity to shed all those cumbersome things you thought you needed but under scrutiny, realize you don’t. It’s very liberating. You’ll see…

    OH, and winter is upon us and you are going to LOOOOOVE it!

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