October 8, 2008


I just checked my stat counter and I must say that it looks like most of you didn’t jump ship on me over the last month or so since I left Iowa for Arizona.  I figured that, once I got back to blogging, you’d all be gone.

Except for my Mom and Dad.

And maybe the occasional Granny or two.

See, I know that I’m not doing this bloggin’ thing to get a bunch of readers, but it was nice knowing that I HAD a bunch of readers……that this wasn’t just me writing into the void, hoping that someday my kids would enjoy the recounting of their childhoods and I would enjoy the actual recounting. 

Because I do.

Really, I just can’t NOT write.  I have all these kids that, every day, come up with all these neat and funny and cute and vomit-inducing things that I HAVE to write about.

Because, otherwise, I’d forget them since I can now count in months how long it is until I will be 40.

Forty.  When you get old.  And start forgetting why you went to the backyard and called one of your kids.  And then, when they come, you can’t remember what it is you needed them for, so you make something up so that you don’t feel like such a dork.

Also, so your kids don’t tell your husband who just happens to entertain himself solely on the reality of your dorkiness.

But I’m getting off topic here and we all know that I NEVER do that!

Really?  I just wanted to thank those of you who stuck with me.  I love that you read my little scribblings and then write some of your own in the comment section.  They make my day. 


One Response to “Thanks!”

  1. Nana C said

    Glad you are settleing in and I do so enjoy reading your posts. Stop by mine sometime, quite boring!!!!! nana c

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