Legos. Because I Want to be First on Google For Unsuspecting Parents Who are Googling the Famous Building Blocks. I Want to Warn Them.

October 14, 2008

Today was our first day of school since……


I can’t remember that far back.

Back when we had a spacious home and thousands of acres of farmland at our back door.

Back when, if there was a time during the school day when I started mildly losing it, I could send all the kids outside and only have to worry about what they might step in out in the yard and that was it.

I can’t do that anymore.

And today I REALLY wanted to.

Because one of my children who “should” be reading by now, isn’t so much.

However, he doesn’t seem to have a problem reading the Lego catalog that he carries with him just about everywhere he goes, assaulting unsuspecting adults with 45-minute monologues on the intricasies of the Coast Guard Lego Kit.

Sticking a fork in your eye and twisting it around and around sounds like really good entertainment about 3 minutes into it.

Trust me.  I know.

He does find it amusing when I pretend to nod off during his discourses, but just keeps on going, undeterred  by my obvious disinterest.

Because when I feigned interest up until a month or so ago, there were never-ending, intermittent conversations thoughout EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK that began like this….

“Mommy!  Did you know that the Lego Coast Guard Helicopter has……”

And after that, the only noises I heard were like the phone calls on “Charlie Brown”.

It’s not that I’m a bad mother.  It’s just that I can only take so much talk about Legos!  So I do the fake-fall-asleep-and-pretend-snore thing, he laughs, I fake-startle-and-wake-up, and he continues on, knowing that I love him to bits and pieces and I’ll listen to him with one side of my brain, while blogging about his cowlick and his obsession with Legos with the other side.

Because if I gave my full attention to the Legos symposium that is continually playing in his mind and in our house, I’d go insane.

Really insane.

And I do realize that I have just described how one of my children blathering on about Legos could make me crazy, but 8 others, doing their little idiosyncrasies each day, don’t.

How weird is THAT?


One Response to “Legos. Because I Want to be First on Google For Unsuspecting Parents Who are Googling the Famous Building Blocks. I Want to Warn Them.”

  1. shakeira said

    My 9 year old (who also should be reading better) is addicted to his Bionicles. 45 minutes of talking is the norm for him.. and don’t even let him show you the website. I feel for the people that come into my house and fall into his web… they often are gone for a hour or so and come back upstairs with that glazed look in their eyes, knowing more about bionicles and their planet and lifestyle and weapons then they ever wanted to know.

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