A Post in Which I Use the Term “Nether-Regions”

October 19, 2008

I just finished watching “The Business of Being Born” and it was incredible!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, it is a documentary about midwifery…..the way it is being stomped on by physicians and bad-mouthed to mothers everywhere.  It is a very well-made film about the truth of home-birthing.  That it is AT THE VERY LEAST as safe as hospitals and, at its foundation, much safer.

Call me a homebirth fanatic if you will. 

After seeing this film, I would consider it an honor.

I only wish that I had begun my childbirthing experience by having ALL of my babies at home.

And for those of you who have been here with me for the last year or two, you KNOW how crazy I get at the end of pregnancies. 

Two words to help jog your memory.

The pain.

And the all-consuming fear that accompanies it.

But I can honestly say that the three births I have had at home were life-changing for me.

And I can honestly say that even though NONE of those babies were under 10 pounds.

And I can STILL say that knowing that one of them entailed my nether-regions aimed out the very large living room window.  At the moment I realized it, however, I was in transition and REALLY DIDN’T CARE.

And I can honestly say that homebirths are amazing even when I remember that another one of my births ended with one Italian and four German men standing in my bathroom, watching me deliver a placenta.

It was a large bathroom.

So if you get a chance, rent “The Business of Being Born”.

Then go out and have your baby at home on your bed or in your tub or on the living room floor!

Just be sure to close your blinds first.


3 Responses to “A Post in Which I Use the Term “Nether-Regions””

  1. Susan said

    I have wondered if this was any good. i will have to check it out.

  2. Kim said

    Aha, another thing we have in common–big babies in the 10 pound range! I’ve never been a home birth candidate tho. Even with lots of home remedy-type efforts put forth, I had to be induced for 1-2 days with my “normal” births b/c of being over 2 weeks past due dates (amniotic fluid was low and the placenta was black–overdone!!)

    The almost 11 pounder was breech with the cord around her neck and ended up being a c-section 😦 Wrenching that huge baby out of my 110 pound frame caused horrific damage that took 3 months recovery time…needless to say, we now adopt foster children which is pretty painful as well and involves a much longer gestation–usually 2 years or more.

    I hope my daughters do NOT take after me and can attempt home birth! How soon do you think they can handle watching this movie so seeds are planted early??? Good teenage science lessons or should I wait and give as a wedding gift?? 🙂

  3. Steph said

    My best friend Kristin and I just got together and watched this film on Sunday! (with a free netflix 2-week membership–it can be watched online). Kristin has had 2 homebirths and will have another (Lord willing) in January. My husband is opposed to homebirth (but hates hospitals, go figure). I *somehow* convinced him to watch the film too on Tuesday night. Somehow. (Miracles still happen). My kids watched too much of it (oops–didn’t mean for that to happen). By half-way through the movie all 3 of my oldest were shouting at me (they just found out on Monday that I am pg, due in April), “Mommy, have a homebirth!!!” It was sooooooo funny. 🙂 My 9 year old daughter (probably ok for her to watch the movie) is totally convinced she wants to have a homebirth. It was so cool.

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