City Living

October 21, 2008

I knew there would be adjustments moving from the country to the city.  I just didn’t know the extent.

Here were things that used to be exciting to my children in the country.  Things that would make them rush to the scene to see the amazing-ness…..

A mommy racoon up in the hollow of a tree, chattering away, with her babies peering out around her.

Deer in our yard and field.

Combines in the fields around our home until late into the night.

A fox meandering up the street.

A full-out blizzard in March that shut down EVERYTHING!

Deer in our yard and field.

And now, here is what they find amazing……

Yesterday, as I was sitting in the driveway, supervising the chalk-drawing and sidewalk scootering, my oldest boy informed me that, down the street a little?  There was dog icky on the sidewalk.

And it was like the running of the bulls.

EVERY CHILD THAT COULD WALK, ran to that little pile, stood over it, and looked at it like it was the Baseball Diamond.  There was discussion about if it was new or old.  If it had been new, it would’ve been squishy, right?  But if it was old, would it STILL be squishy since the weather is hot and stuff?  Like, if you tried to brush it off the sidewalk, would it just sit there, all whole and together, and flop off into the grass or would it end up smeared on your shoe?

It was determined that it had probably been deposited there earlier in the day.

And then everyone got back to what they had been doing before the Amazing Dog Icky was discovered.

In other The-Kids-Might-Possibly-Be-Slightly-Bored-Here News…..

2-Year-Old spent a good 30 minutes rolling 7-Month-Old around the living room the other day.  And I don’t mean in a stroller.  I mean, 7-Month-Old was lying on a blanket on his tummy, chewing on toys, and 2-Year-Old knelt beside him and ROLLED HIM OVER onto his back.  And then back again onto his tummy……..all over and around the living room.

And 7-Month-Old LOVED it.

I’m thinking some additional chores or extra-curricular activities may be in order.

What do YOU think?


2 Responses to “City Living”

  1. Gwendolyn said

    Sounds like they’re having fun to me! I only assign more chores if they are so bored that they are trying to kill each other. That happens frequently around here. I don’t mind too much, though…’cause I end up with a cleaner house. LOL

  2. Kim said

    We have LAWS against that kind of litter in this here town–maybe the children need to do some detective work and find the furry criminal! Guess your little gate-guards were sleeping on the job when the canine culprit proceeded past your house to do his dirty work….

    Hey, you’ll have to come on over and play in our super-duper tree house! (well it’s actually a huge 2-story “stump house” now that the massive mulberry has died.) We’re just a few miles away…..

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