Not Much

October 28, 2008

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

A freshly alphabetized spice drawer…..

Towels all folded in thirds, edges aligned and color-coded……

All the canned goods with names facing out and grouped by kinds…..

Chores expertly meted out and supervised…..

And now this one….

A new one.

The other day, I discovered that the cup that the clothes detergent dispenses into was missing.  It bugged me for a minute or two until I came up with a solution.

The solution that still, one week later, makes me smile every time I wash a load of clothes.

The bottle was laying on its “tummy”, its spout pointed down, so I positioned it so that it was directly over the open washer.

And then I pushed that little button and watched that blue stream of Gain pour down into the basin of my Whirlpool.

And I think I giggled a little.

And then I called the big boys and showed them.  I called my oldest daughter and showed her.  I even thought about calling my mom but got ahold of myself right about then.

It just thrills me that the ingredients of my house have come together so seamlessly to make this detergent dispensing so enchanting to me.

Go ahead.

Make fun of me.

Have a good laugh at my expense if you must.

But I’d bet money that later on today or tomorrow, when you go to start a load of laundry, you are SO going to see if YOUR detergent bottle is placed in such a way that it could do the same thing.

And if it does, I’m betting you’ll giggle a little too.  And if you have a kid or two or nine hanging around, you just might call them over to witness your cleverness.

And you’ll have me to thank.

You’re welcome.


6 Responses to “Not Much”

  1. Gwendolyn said

    I will thank you already, because I KNOW that I will try it. It makes me happy just thinking about it. LOL

  2. Patti said

    Sorry, having a hard time visualizing this one since I’ve been banished to the land of front load washing machines where you have to fold yourself in two in order to load your laundry. For the longest time, I tried to imagine your clever solution but was coming up blank until I came to my senses and realized that you are talking about those gargantuan, wonderous, heaven sent, AMERICAN top loading washing machines. Then I got nostalgic for a while, then I reread your blog, then I couldn’t figure out the “push that little button” bit. Does laundry detergent come with little buttons now? I feel so third world…

  3. oliveplants said

    Oh, my dear European Washer friend,
    I remember those washers from our 3 years in Germany….when it took 3 hours to wash 2 towels. I feel for you. Now, Americans have those front-loading ones too, but much bigger. Yes, I have the wonderful industrial top-loading washer that has a 263-towel capacity. If I still lived in Germany and had the nine kids, I’d be setting my alarm clock all through the night to keep up w/ the laundry.

    About the button… you know about Costco? HUGE warehouse store where you can buy a package of toilet paper that has 922 rolls in it, an entire cow if you’d like, and bags of chips that are 6 feet tall. They have these big bottles of laundry detergent that have spouts on them. The reason why they have spouts on them is because the company knows that you have to be a linebacker to lift the containers, so pouring them out the top is not doable. So you set them down and dispense the detergent by pushing a little plastic button. Way cool.

    And now let me offer my condolences on not being able to experience this weird detergent thing that I wrote about.

    Let us all take a moment of silence for Patti.

    Thank you.


  4. Lori said

    I didn’t realize you had a front loader — smart lady!!!

    I thought all front-loading washing machine owners used the button this way. My bottle sits ever-so sweetly on its side waiting for the button to be used EXCLUSIVELY — no cup for me either.

    I now use the little cup, that once purposed to put soap in my machine, for a scoop in kitty’s crunchies (the dry cat food box).

    The fact that you can find Joy in such a little thing reveals loads about the level of Joy in your life. And that my friend is admirable :o)

  5. Mother said

    You should have CALLED me!!! I would LOVE to have enjoyed that ingenuity with you! CALL me next time! You are one smart cookie!

  6. Kristin said

    This trick works on my front loading machine. Only problem is when it gets to the *jet plane taking off down the runway* spin cycle the container tends to move just a bit to close to the edge of the machine for my comfort… and trust me, I know all about what happens when a full jug of liquid detergent ends up on the floor…

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