Should I Be Scared? OR A Rambling Post About Yummy Man

November 3, 2008

Yummy Man was in a weird mood the other night.  We had been to the library and I had actually gotten some books for myself which rarely happens because I am completely unable to control myself to GO TO BED ALREADY when I am in the midst of a good book.

So I stay up until 2 a.m. to finish it.

And then I’m Grumpy Mean Tall Mommy and even though the “tall” part doesn’t really fit, I needed to fill out that description a little and didn’t have time to think of a word that worked better.

Am I rambling?

So after the children were in bed, I sat down to read a novel which I also never do because I get carried away with the whole completely non-fiction-ness of it and it just isn’t good for me. 

Still rambling, aren’t I?

Anyway, as I was sitting there TRYING to read this book which, have I told you this already?…..I NEVER read, Yummy Man decides he wants to talk OUT LOUD about his trip to Phoenix the next day.

But this is not a conversation on when should he leave and should he stay for lunch with his brother and I wonder how hot Phoenix will be.


This is a blathering about what roads he will take.  Which highways he will merge onto and he COULD take this route, but he thinks he will take THAT route and then when he gets to THAT certain intersection, he will pick up THAT road.  And he thinks there is construction on the northbound section of the interstate there, so he’ll need to find an alternate route and he wonders how far that detour will extend his trip.  And it went on and on and on until I wanted to stick a fork in my eye.

So then he decides to print out his route and discovers that there is no paper left to print with.

And this is when he showed how much of a HUGE guy he is.  Ready?

He went back to the place where we keep the paper, and……..BROUGHT BACK ONE PIECE.

Did you get that?



So I asked him why he brought only one piece and he really and truly couldn’t figure out what I meant.

It was like…..”Well, I only needed one sheet, so I BROUGHT one sheet.  Where’s the problem here?”

So I informed him that, since we were out completely and since we seem to print SOMETHING almost daily, didn’t he think it would be a good idea to bring out a BUNCH of sheets of paper?

So after he had been sheepish for minute or two, (and hadn’t gone and gotten more paper, by the way) he pushed the printing button.

But there was a problem.  And the paper started to crumple up, so the printer spit it back out the top and tried again.  And it was making weird noises and tilting the paper this way and that and pretty much having a temper tantrum.

And Yummy Man sat there watching it.

And then he kinda smiled and said, “I like to see it struggle.”

And that’s when I started wondering if I should be scared.

So he spent the next half-hour fixing it and I don’t think that the printer’s struggle was so neat after that.

And when he had finally fixed it and printed out his route, he gave me a high-five.

Because it doesn’t take much to make him happy and that’s a good thing.


5 Responses to “Should I Be Scared? OR A Rambling Post About Yummy Man”

  1. Heather said

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! This post KILLED me! Especially…”I like to see it struggle”.

    Still laughing.


    I need to get a life.

  2. Mindy said

    Oh, man, do I identify with this! I never get books for myself because I simply canNOT force myself to stop reading! I stay up too late and everyone regrets it later. And when my poor, unsuspecting children try to talk to me while I’m reading–well, it’s not pretty.
    I love reading so much that that is what I do every year on my birthday for a wonderful treat–READ all afternoon! :o)

  3. happy geek said

    I think there is something in their genetic code that requires them to only bring one piece of paper.

  4. Kelly said

    You completely make my whole family’s day, we totally CRACKED UP at this post…(along with many others) We like to laugh, so thanks for helping this little family out!!!!
    God bless the rest of your week!
    Kelly (from Cornerstone)

  5. Patti said

    Is there anything more annoying than a husband that talks at you while you are sneaking a moment of “me” time with a book?! And then he compounded it by only getting ONE sheet of paper for the printer!! Then to make your nightmare complete, he stood by allowing the printer to have seizures because “he liked to watch it struggle”! You didn’t mention any attempts on your part to bludgeon or strangle him, in fact, you celebrated his printing victory with a high five so if that’s not love, then I don’t know what is!

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