Maintenance Guy

November 7, 2008

The housing maintenance guy was here today, fixing our fridge.  He determined that our freezer needed some work.

So he proceeded to take everything out of my freezer.

And then he let me know that the whole chickens I have in my fridge can be bought for much cheaper at X grocery store.  And then he asked me what kinds of greens I had immersed in water in the big pot in the fridge.  And had I ever been to the market on this street and did I know that you can get live crabs over there for cheap? 

And then he said “Fennel seed”!

I don’t think I’ve ever used the seed of a fennel in my whole life!

So then I actually showed this guy my entire bread-baking set up, with my mill and Bosch and wheat berries.

And he was highly impressed!  A guy!  Impressed with my coolest kitchen toys!

So now when I need cooking or shopping advice, I’ll call the housing maintenance guy.

Is that weird, or what?

Just thought I’d share.


2 Responses to “Maintenance Guy”

  1. Oh Allison! You’re still making me smile and laugh from hundreds of miles away!:) But should that surprise me?! Nope! 😀 You have such a wonderful way of doing that!! And I could almost hear your contagious laugh in your post…which I miss SO BAD! Love and tons of HUGS to you!

  2. Heather said

    Did you run off with the maintenance guy?

    Just wondering. Hadn’t heard from you.


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