November 17, 2008

There is a new and exciting thing here on base that my kids live for.

The recycling center.  Otherwise known as the dump.

Where the dumpsters are so huge, you could lose a kid or three in one.  And when you found them, you’d need rock climbing equipment to repel down in to get them.

Whenever we have things to take to the recycling center, excitement ripples through the household.  Everyone starts cheering and begging to be the Kid Who Gets to Help Mommy Distribute the Items.

Flattened boxes over here.


Metal things over there.


A broken half of a pegboard?


You get to climb the stairs, throw it in and then peruse all the REALLY COOL STUFF that other people have tossed!!!!

So far we have retrieved a Little Tikes ride-in truck, a very nice cabinet that we set our printer on AND has extra drawers which is awfully handy when you have 11 people living in a 1200 square-foot house, a bottle that I take to the gym, a Matchbox car or two, and various Legos that have been added to our collection of 10 quadrillion. 

The other day, one of our children, who shall go nameless….wait, they’re always nameless on my blog, aren’t they?…….spent the morning crying. 

And he’s not 6 months old.

He cried because there was one more grain of cinnamon on his oatmeal than he wanted, his older sister looked at a book that he has never in his entire life wanted to look at but did at that exact moment, and because I asked him to change his shirt….the one that he hadn’t changed in 12 days and could have kept wolves at bay with the horrendous smell.

So when it came time to take stuff to the dump, I told him that the other 2 big boys could help me but he couldn’t because he had had such a rough morning whining and feeling sorry for himself and pretty much causing my already difficut job to be even harder. 

He didn’t like that.

This morning, we went to the dump with Yummy Man.  He has never been with us there so he didn’t realize the intensity of the experience.

He quickly got a clue.

It happened when we rounded the corner, the recycling center gate in sight, and half of the children YELLED…..

“Mommy?  Can I help you throw the trash in?  PLEASE???!!!!  I’ve been good today!”


2 Responses to “Fun”

  1. Hoodlum said

    Well, well…. you have finally found a treasure, that has been in the family a loooooong time. Now don’t you wish that you would have listened to us years ago…
    If you climb into a container, its called… dumpster diving.
    The smaller the container, the harder to pillage, and it may be hard to get 9 in there to sort.
    In Morehead City, we take the bikes out for a Sunday evening cruise. To … survey… the goodies that our neighbors are setting at the street for Monday pickup. Survey by bicycle is easy, and draws little attention… except in your case. With the size of your crew it would only take a sec. Just be sure to leave it like you found it, or better. But, you will have to work up to this… trust me.
    Big fun can be had.

  2. oliveplants said

    My Uncle Robin is reading my blog??!! Yikes! Better watch what I say! =)
    I have been dumpster diving and picking through other people’s trash for years, but my kids were too young to join in. Yummy Man and I once made ourselves sick off of a entire unopened crate of brownie mixes! I don’t do the food diving anymore, but we used to work with college students who used to feed themselves that way……very inspiring! I’ve been known to cruise through wealthy neighborhoods on trash day and cart off perfectly good stuff! Here’s a secret if you ever get to Germany….they have the BEST recycling centers in the world!!!!!! We got SO MUCH good stuff when we were there, with the kids sitting in their car seats, rolling their eyes and wanting Mommy to hurry it up already. NOW they get it and love to join in! Getting them involved in finding treasures in others’ trash is COOL!
    So you’re telling me it’s genetic, huh? I’m okay with that. =)

    THanks for reading and commenting! It’s a brave man indeed who steps forth and admits reading this “Mommy blog”! =)

    Your favorite niece,

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