Something That Happened This Morning That Shouldn’t Be Funny, But Just Is.

November 25, 2008

Today was our thrift store day. 

We went to two of them and came away disgusted by the prices and complete lack of organization and neatness.

And please don’t leave a comment that you think might be funny (Hi, Heather!) about how that’s what malls are for.

‘Cause that wouldn’t be funny to me and this is my blog and I can whine if I want to.

So na-na-nee-boo-boo.

(It’s scary thinking that I am responsible for the health, safety, and training of 9 children, isn’t it?)


So we pulled into the parking lot of one of the thrift stores and proceeded to disembark from our 15-passenger van.  Now, if you don’t have one of these, here is a description of what must happen in order for everyone to get our of the van.

8-Year-Old unstraps 3-Year-Old from her car seat.

8-Year-Old also makes certain that 4-Year-Old can undo her seatbelt successfully.

Then all 3 of them stand in the back row of seats and yell at the kids in front of them to MOVE!

Meanwhile, in the middle row, the 3 bigger kids undo their seatbelts and stand up and move toward the door all the while attempting to defend themselves against the barrage of voices yelling at them from the back seat.

In the front bench seat, you have 14-Year-Old, unbuckling 2-Year-Old who makes a beeline for the door and almost falls out onto the pavement.  But he’s smiling when he almost suffers a concussion so my almost heart attack is cut off at the pass.

Next, 14-Year-Old unbuckles 8-Month-Old from HIS carseat and gets out amidst the yelling and pushing from the further-back seats. 

And, oh yeah, there is also the cacophony of “Can I bring my cup?” and “Do I HAVE to wear my coat?” and “What’s for lunch?” and “Who stinks?”

Finally, everyone manages to be standing on the pavement while the door is shut and I make sure that none of them have wandered off into traffic.

Because that’s what I spend most of my time doing, it seems.

So as we were all standing there on the pavement, adjusting our clothes from all of the pushing and twisting and general chaos of evicting 9 kids from a van, 6-Year-Old puts her hands on her hips, looks around the parking lot, nods her head, and says…….

“Yep.  Looks like there are a lot of non-Christians here today.”

And it wasn’t funny THEN, but now?

I’ve got tears in my eyes.

Nice Christian homeschooling mom, huh?

I know.

It’s NOT funny.  It’s NOT.


5 Responses to “Something That Happened This Morning That Shouldn’t Be Funny, But Just Is.”

  1. Happy Geek said

    tis funny.
    So very funny.
    May you have better thrift store sucess next time!

  2. Susan said

    I can’t hardly write I am laughing so hard. I felt like you were describing my life to a tee. I just love this post and am going to read it often just so I can remind myself that it is o.k. that we look like a circus when we are unloading.

  3. Kristen Jeffery said

    I don’t know. I think that is HILARIOUS!!!!

  4. Katheryn said

    Have you tried the 22nd st. Thrift…we love them!!

    As for the Eggnog, you can have it, I prefer chocolate…mmmm. So you know what when you’re in Heaven and I am in Heaven and you have had enough Eggnog, then you can come over for chocolate, who knows maybe by then I would like Eggnog. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

  5. Nana C said

    ok, that is a hoot, Allison, now that hubby and I are here in Hemet, we hold each others hand on the way into the store and not our darling granddaughters!!!!! Great post. Nana C

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