Raindrops On Roses and Whiskers On Kittens……

November 26, 2008

The people who know me best in this world know one very important thing about me…..other than the fact that I am freakishly fertile.

Nothing……and I mean NOTHING…..is better-tasting in this world we live in, than egg nog.

Not even Chick-fila lemonade and that should tell you something.

When I get to heaven, the pool that I will have in my backyard will be filled, not with water, but with egg nog.  And every morning I will lie down by the side of my pool with a very large straw, and I will guzzle that stuff like I am going to die tomorrow, but of course I WON’T because I’ll already BE dead.

Or something like that.

And since it’s heaven?

My pool won’t be filled with egg nog just around Thanksgiving and Christmas…….I’ll have it ALL YEAR ROUND.

AND I won’t weigh 400 pounds afterwards.

That’s what’ll make it heaven.

So there you have it……

One very useless bit of information about myself.

Now you can go finish out your day with the knowledge and insight you have gained here.

You’re welcome.

And if you are the nice Master Sergeant with the last name that has no vowels in it, who Yummy Man gave the address of this blog to, please forgive me for just wasting the last 2 minutes of your life.  I normally have things to say that are slightly more useful and noble…….

but not much.

Check back.  You may get me on a more normal day.

When the egg nog is all gone and I have to find something else in my life to give me joy.

Like my kids


6 Responses to “Raindrops On Roses and Whiskers On Kittens……”

  1. Susan said

    Well you and I have more in common than I ever knew. I love the descrition of Heaven I think I will have the same pool in my backyard.

  2. Heather said

    Egg Nog makes me gag. I won’t be coming over to swim at your place in Heaven.

    Not that I was invited. BUT…..I know you would invite me when we get to Heaven cuz Dad would be mad if you didn’t.


  3. Joanna said

    ROTFLOL. That was great.

  4. Oh my goodness! HOW you make me laugh! Now…I just wish I could hear you laugh too…I’m still missing it! 🙂 Your sense of humor, and creativity NEVER, and I mean NEVER cease to amaze me! Love you so much! Thanks for the added JOY to my day! HUGS!!!

  5. […] it was EGG.  NOG.  And if you don’t understand the significance of that, please go here. Posted by oliveplants Filed in Uncategorized Leave a Comment […]

  6. Aunt Duane said

    I never knew you liked eggnog that much. I am the only one in the NC family that drinks. Bottoms up to eggnog.

    Hooray for #10.

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