Please Comment So That I Know My Kids Are Reasonably Normal. Make Something Up If You Have To.

December 8, 2008

Here’s a sad fact.

On The Infamous Day of Controversy last week, I got double the hits I normally get on this blog.

That means that many more people than normal visited my blog on that day.

Because of my lapse in judgment.

I’m not sure what that says about this blog and the little, seemingly insignificant stories I tell every few days.  I’m also not sure what it says about YOU, but I’m not gonna dwell on that right now, although I’ll suggest that maybe YOU should.

So because of the popularity of that controversy,  I’m giving you another potential one.

Because I’m just THAT desperate for readers to my blog.

This morning, I heard my boys yelling in the playroom.

They were saying things like “Stand in that line over there!” and “Do as I say!” and “Don’t lie to me!  I KNOW that you are a Jew!”

I think they may even have tried out a German accent or two.

So there you go. 

My kids were playing “Nazis”.

What do y’all think about that, huh? 

Really?  I doubt that I’m the only mom who would have a story like this to tell. 

(Please tell me I’m not the only mom who has a story like this to tell.)


11 Responses to “Please Comment So That I Know My Kids Are Reasonably Normal. Make Something Up If You Have To.”

  1. Katheryn said

    Okay it isn’t weird, my oldest plays Germans with oldest daughter and a neighbor boy. It is funny because they go out in the desert with camo and really try and portray it. So is it wierd, nope, not one bit…to me at least. Welcome home.


  2. Kristen Jeffery said

    Very interesting. While our girls have never played Nazi’s they DO play Little House on the Prairie and try to chop wood with their shovels while hollering things like, “Don’t worry Caroline, Pa is here.” Very cute and charming.

  3. Joanna said

    Don’t worry, I don’t think you or they are weird.

  4. Susan said

    O.k. mine don’t play Nazi’s. They do have this wild obsession with playing a game where there is a tornado and their parents are killed so they are left to be orphans. Go figure.

  5. Kim said

    My children have taken up playing Civil War, all decked out in costumes at real reenactments (how’s that for an oxymoron?!) See Jordan’s website (click on “Kim” above this comment) for a very cute picture of my tiny gunman with his Southern Ladies. Yes, I have had a hard time with it because they’re with the 1st Virginia Infantry…confederates! But if you ask Jo, she’ll tell you “he who wins the war tells the story” and that it was NOT about the right to own slaves. My 16 yr. old’s taught me quite a bit about what that sad war was really about….she’ll need to blog on that sometime.

  6. Patti said

    My daughter is in Year 3 here in England (which is 2nd grade in the U.S.) and as part of her curriculum this year, they will be covering WWII…including the Holocaust. Last year, the kids played WWII in the neighborhood playground and hid under the playground equipment to protect them from the air raids. The little boy down the road played Concentration Camp with his friend. I don’t recall any German accents, but it could be because we don’t get Hogan’s Heroes reruns here.

  7. Jeanne said

    Hi, this is your long lost cousin, Jeanne! I found your blog through Kristen’s. I must say, it is very entertaining!
    I have been reading through the older posts too, good stuff.

  8. Heather said


    If you put a little moustache on Juan he could be Hitler 🙂



    It’s not a reflection of you as a parent. I just think that kids don’t really get just how horrible the Nazi thing was. To them, when they are young, war is war. What an awesome teaching opportunity it will give you.

  9. Nana C said

    Well, my brother and I used to play cowboys and Indians with those wonderful capguns. We had a good time, neither one of us play with guns today! Funny Nana C

  10. me said

    OK…so I haven’t been on your blog in a long time. Too much school, not enough time….lol.
    Anyway, you prolly wonder why I’m commenting here since I HAVE NO KIDS!!!! Here’s why though: I’ve never played Germans (though I can pull a halfway decent accent)….but I did LOVE playing slaves (I was the slave, always getting kidnaped/shot/escaping/recaught/sent before the firing squad, etc. So I think that’s sorta equvalent…..accept without the German accent.
    And I turned out halfway normal, right? Besides….if I came to your house, I’d prolly end up playing Nazi’s with them…maybe….

  11. oliveplants said

    Dear “Me”,
    You haven’t read my blog in a long time? GASP! What is WRONG with you? Do you need assistance in setting your priorities? Come ON! I expected more from my Teen Friend With The Hair That Makes Me Physically Sick From Its Thickness, Length, and Beauty!
    Just don’t let it happen again, okay?
    Now drop and give me 40!


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