Stuff That Happens In Our House Daily

December 8, 2008

This morning, 2-Year-Old screamed bloody murder.

But it was actually BLOODIER murder than normal so I knew that something REALLY horrible had happened.

Like someone told him his sandals were on the wrong feet or he had just discovered that his pants had no pockets.

What had ACTUALLY happened, from what I was told by Oldest Sister, was that 3-Year-Old had grabbed some Legos out of 2-Year-Old’s hand and run to the playroom and slammed the door.

(These things happen in your house too, right?)

So.  I called 3-Year-Old and she came and stood in front of me while I told her that it was not nice to grab Legos from little siblings and run away with them.

And she said….(By the way, she talks like The Chipmunks so insert that voice in your head while you’re reading this.)

“I didn’t, Mommy!” 

“I WALKED to the playroom.  Not runned.”

And I really just couldn’t argue with that.


3 Responses to “Stuff That Happens In Our House Daily”

  1. Lori said

    And right now – I’m not at all thinking about the chipmunk voice or the “…I walked, not runned.” explanation, but rather indwelling on the fact that you have a PLAYROOM in your 1200 square foot house…

    How DO you do it?

  2. Georgiann said

    Hi there~
    So funny~ I’m a QF mom of 6 cute kiddos and Yes… say some of the funnies things. I try to remember to write them down. Or I will forget who said what… know when you have a ton of kids,the memory goes.

    I tell people, God has blessed me short term memory loss.So that I can’t remember all the frusturation when the kids get me agrivated and forgiveness is so easy! Because moments later I can remember what they even did wrong.

    I will come back and read more….I would love to read your book!

    If you what to check out my blog I at :
    Its “The Garden Gate” on the QF blog roll

    Peace in Christ,

  3. oliveplants said

    Well, I tell people that God has stretched our walls and closets because it is amazing what we have managed to get into this house……not to mention the room arrangements with 11 people! Actually, we made the master bedroom into the playroom/big boys’ room since it is the biggest bedroom. It works pretty well even though in Iowa, their playroom was almost as big as our whole house here. We got rid of a LOT of stuff before we moved! Yikes!

    Thanks for reading and commenting! =)


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