This Morning. Also, Homeschooling Gets Old Sometimes.

December 13, 2008

This morning, Yummy Man went to pick up 6-Year-Old and fling her around the kitchen because that’s what  Daddies do, right? 

Anyway, as he picked her up under her arms, she yelled……


And I couldn’t stop laughing and tears ran down my face and even though I know it wasn’t THAT funny, it was funny to ME!

Know why?  Because I had had a really yucky morning, spent with kids who think that Fridays should be Do-Whatever-You’d-Like-To-Do-And-Don’t-Worry-About-That-Learning-How-To-Read-And-Write-Junk-Because-Who-Needs-That-When-You’ve-Got-Legos Day.

I heard a LOT of this kind of thing……

“Can I just do Writing today and nothing else?”

“If I do 2 Phonics lessons, can I skip Math?”

“Why do I have to learn how to write?  I’m going to be a hunter so I won’t need to know how!”

And dealt with attitudes that were about getting done as fast as possible which meant trying to squeeze in all subjects inside 20 minutes.

Until I told them that, as a learning experience, we could switch to 8 hours of school each day to experience what most OTHER kids have to do every day.

And then an hour or two of “riding the bus home”.

And an hour or two of homework after that.

(Since we have moved to the city, our children have seen what most children’s lives consist of…..all-day-long school and homework; wake up and do it all over again….and again….and again.)

That’s when one of the children commented to me how much they LOVE school and are SO THANKFUL that they are homeschooled.

Living around public-school kids ROCKS!


3 Responses to “This Morning. Also, Homeschooling Gets Old Sometimes.”

  1. Lori said

    We totally understand! Going to the thrift stores at 2:30 in the afternoon because school is done, chores have been finished, and dinner is in the crockpot is great – and when we get home at 4:58pm (just before Daddy gets home) at the kids are JUST arriving from the school bus route. They thinks it’s pretty cool to be homeschooled and ridiculous that kids are away from their mothers so much. I find joy in hearing those things!

  2. Susan said

    What is it about Fridays. We seem to have the same problem.

  3. Patti said

    Isn’t it amazing how much more can be done during a homeschooling day as opposed to a public (or private even) school day? My 4 year old is now in Reception (the first year of school in England) and they must spend half their day “queuing” for the next activity: Outside play, P.E., lunch, computer time, a turn on the trikes…my 4 year old doesn’t queue well and has often found something more amusing to do, like kicking the person in front of him, or blowing raspberries at the kid behind him. His teachers aren’t amused by his extracurricular queuing activities.

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