December 14, 2008

There is a funny phenomenon that happens here.

The smaller children in the family LOVE to wave at people and vehicles.  In fact, 2-Year-Old waves at street sweepers, airplanes 10,000 feet in the sky, and backhoes sitting in parking lots.

At least three of our almost-smallest children wave at






Every day.  Most of these Waving Moments end well……..meaning, the waves are reciprocated.

Two-, Three-, and Four-Year-Olds are thrilled that they are waved at after THEIR initial waving……

And the Unsuspecting People Being Waved At just HAVE to be happier being waved at by The Cutest Kids In The Universe.

I’m just sayin’.

The only problem lies with Security Forces.

Otherwise known as Air Force cops.

See, they’re too cool to be waved at by 2-year-olds, apparently.

It’s like they have their hats on backwards, their pants are 4 sizes too big,  rap music is playing loudly on their car stereos , and their window is rolled down just enough so that you can only see their eyes.

But in reality, they are wearing government-issued military battle dress uniforms and firearms, and are having to drive through base housing making sure that kids are wearing their helmets and there are no icky dog presents left on the sidewalk.

You can see their problem.

You can kinda feel their pain too, can’t you?

But they’re learning.

They are learning that our kids are NOT tiring of the waving, and that these cops WILL be waved at EVERY.  TIME.  THEY.  DRIVE.  BY.

So they may as well give up those cool-dude facades they’ve got going on and wave and smile already to the little blonde kid standing on the sidewalk straddling his Little Tikes car with his pockets full of sidewalk chalk and dirty rocks.

And the cutest smile you’ve ever seen.

Because he just dropped a load in his diaper.


2 Responses to “Waving”

  1. Susan said

    Too funny. My kids beg me in the Spring and Summer to get out their chairs and wave at cars. I always thought that was strange but I guess it keeps them happy. Looks like it keeps yours happy too.

  2. You’re right, Allison! Your kids are the ABSOLUTE cutest!:) That is…until God sends some ‘little bundles of joy’ our way! LOL! Though isn’t each parent entitled to being biased about their children?! My husband and I are rolling over your post, and your hilarious, fun writing style! Love and hugs your way! Thanks for brightening our snowy day!! Yes–it’s snowing here!

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