January 10, 2009

After writing my last post, with its extremely mature viewpoint that Arizona is “icky”, I rethought.

Arizona has its good points.

I don’t have to put 284 items of winter clothing on myriad children’s bodies every day 5 minutes before they tell me they forgot to go potty.

I don’t have to find a place in our 1200-square-foot house for all of the said winter items which is a HUGE good thing.  They would need a room for themselves and we don’t have any to spare.

The mountains are my favorite thing about this place in Arizona and I marvel at their beauty every day.  Ask my kids.  They’re sick of hearing about how beautiful the mountains are.  They sigh heavily, roll their eyes, and say in deep monotones…..”Yes, Mommy, they’re gorgeous.  Can we go to the dump now?”

The dump.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen your 3 oldest boys’ hindquarters sticking straight up to the sky while they dig for the 2.5 mm-sized Lego piece 1/2-inch away from the farthest their hands will reach.

The base.  Everything I could possibly need is here in this oasis in the desert.  Grocery store.  “Walmart”-type shopping.  Library.  Gym.  Playgrounds.  Even a thrift store.  If it weren’t for church and the zoo, I could never leave base!

So there.  For any Arizona-ians that I offended, I am truly sorry.  Everyone has their favorite places and we are all different in our opinions. 

I guess I just got carried away with mine.

The Right One.


3 Responses to “Arizona”

  1. Susan said

    I do so miss the mountains. Growing up in a valley In southern California, with mountains all around is a sight I miss often.

  2. Vicky said

    Arizona for you is like Idaho was for me. Mountains. Yep, that was about all that stayed with me after TEN years of living in Idaho. Beautiful, breathtaking views, of the mountains. We didn’t leave Minnesota for Idaho in search of a better place to live. We moved for jobs thinking we’d grow to love Idaho. When we decided to move back we moved because we knew Minnesota was the BEST place for us to live regardless of the job we would get. After 5 years we have not looked back. I’m not saying one bad thing about Idaho : )

    But when that choice of moving isn’t an option for you I empathize with how you must feel. It will be quite the challenge for you to find the appeal of Arizona. Maybe when I tell you our high temp tomorrow is supposed to be -24 you’ll snicker just a little bit! Betcha hate me for my hair just a little less now don’t ya 🙂

  3. Kim said

    It’s Arizonans….get it right.

    (just kidding–not offended by your griping 🙂

    I can’t imagine the winter clothes hassle–hate going from sandals to actually wrestling on socks and shoes in the winter, and that’s about the extent of the difficulty here! I vaguely remember an entryway from my childhood in Wisconsin full of soggy grimy layers of clothing and boots. Had to wear those ski masks walking to school so as to keep our skin intact in the biting snow (uphill both ways of course). Seriously, I well remember walking by the bank marquee near the school that often had a minus sign in front of the number proclaiming the temperature.

    Now my children complain about “freezing” each morning here in Tucson, and they don’t even have to leave the house for school when it’s dark, let alone wear a jacket when they run outside at 10am for a break! Kids these days….sheesh.

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