January 10, 2009

My best friend in Oklahoma just wrote and reminded me why I started this blog.

To find joy in my life.


Oh yeah.

I could use this space to explain how there’s no joy in Arizona.  There’s a state-wide ban on it or it’s illegal or something.

Some sorry excuse for my grumpiness, depression, and bitterness.

But then she’d write and tell me that my attitude stinks and I’m not being a good example to my children and my feet are big and my hair is ugly.

Wait.  No she wouldn’t.  She LOVES me.

She DOES.  She HAS to because we have a plan to live together when we’re old and our husbands are gone and our children live miles and miles away and I’m bald and she still has thick hair.  And we’ll sit in the same room and never speak because we’ll both be reading stacks and stacks of books that we missed when we were raising 14 kids between the two of us.

YEARS of reading that didn’t get done.

Where was I?

Oh yeah.  Joy.

So here’s a list of things that are good about my life right now.

Even though I live in Tucson.

Where it’s hot.

1.  I still have the best kids in the world.  They’re just underfoot more here.

2.  I still have the yummiest Yummy Man in the world.  And he still thinks I’ve got it going on even though he can sometimes see my scalp on a windy day.

3.  Our house, though miniscule, is extremely efficient and cozy.  “Cozy” is a word used in real estate to describe proportions of extreme petite-ness and this WOULD be the case for our abode, but it is also cozy because I have set it up in a cozy way, with cozy furniture placement and cozy candles and cozy curtains and cozy stained-glass.  Did I mention it was cozy?  I think it’s my spiritual gift.

4.  Our bounce house.  It’s the equivalent of letting the kids play outside at our old house that was on 7 acres for 5 hours or so.  But the same level of exhaustion is accomplished in about 15 minutes.  SCORE!

5.  My mom is coming to visit next Friday!  Please pray for my dad who will be home alone with two 90-year-old grannies and a repetoire of meal-making that includes two things…….toast and ice cubes.  So there you go.

And that’s my list.  I will promise to try to keep the joy in mind at all times.

Even if it kills me.


One Response to “Joy.”

  1. Kim said

    I can’t imagine which way your little house is facing that you’re missing the spectacular Tucson sunsets and the purple mountains’ majesty! The wildflower show will be starting up next month and I better not hear you complaining about the drab desert. Most places are still boring white or gray in February, but we’ll have tons of color all around so I hope you take a glance around to enjoy it!

    It’s so amazing how people thrive in different locations….I hate water, cold, gray, and flat (like where I grew up in Wis. on Lake Michigan and the foggy area we visited in California this week). But I love everything about Arizona. I think it’s great how we can look up at snow on the mountains and drive an hour to go play or ski in it if we want to, or we can just enjoy sun here in the valley and not have to wear jackets and other misc. winter gear.

    So sorry you’re sad here 😦 Hope you can find some things to enjoy before you leave to your next big adventure….

    (the desert rat who loves the heat and is hating this dip below 70)

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