I’m Pathetic, Aren’t I? It’s Okay. You Can Tell Me.

January 13, 2009

A lovely family from church invited us over for supper on Sunday evening.  I don’t think they understood beforehand just what they were getting into.

Nine kids who live in the city.

One child who thinks their oldest daughter is the Princess of the Universe and, when she blows her nose, diamonds and kittens come out.

Four boys who eat like they are going to die tomorrow.

And one mom who doesn’t get out much and had saved up her talking quota for the day.

We had a wonderful time.  So wonderful, in fact, that I had to restrain myself from asking them if we could just spend the night and leave maybe next Wednesday or something.

I would’ve even offered to have us all sleep on the floor of their house.

The one that is double the size of ours.

With unblemished walls and clean floors and the greatest playground equipment that any family has ever had in the history of the universe.

We will never need to pay to go to Six Flags now.  We’ll just invite ourselves over to THEIR house instead.

And since I don’t think that the wife reads my blog, I can sound this pitiful in my recounting of our time there.

I miss the country.

Feel sorry for me. 

And then, if you live in the country, invite me to your house.

We’ll bring sleeping bags.


7 Responses to “I’m Pathetic, Aren’t I? It’s Okay. You Can Tell Me.”

  1. Michelle said

    You’re invited…but be warned, our house is smaller than yours…so maybe you should bring a tent, too. Oklahoma’s not too far to drive, is it? :o) Just found your blog last week–and I have loved it! You write what I want to say, and in a funny way. Keep on keeping on….or something like that.

  2. Alyson said

    You can come anytime you like. 🙂

  3. Susan said

    You can come anytime you want. Sorry It is not the country but close enough. And you can even stay in the little house.

    My girls still talk about how whenever we went to your house they couldn’t believe how much the boys would eat. In fact the last time we went to the Milliard church my girls said, “Mom remember how the H. boys would fill their plates overflowing with food. We all laughed. We had many good times with your family and hope have more good times with all of you someday.

  4. LOL! You are SO hilarious! You are MORE than welcome here!! 😉 We’ve got a bed, and two couches though…so only bring sleeping bags above and beyond that! We’d absolutely LOVE to have you! MISS YOU!!

  5. Vicky said

    I don’t live in the country but I have a rambler with a finished basement? And none of my neighbors put in fences, so their back yard is my back yard. Perhaps we could just do a swap? I’ll come relish in the mountains and the sun and you set up camp in my space and my snow. My kids play hockey. My walls and house show it. Hmmm. Its the three day drive to get here that’d do you in 🙂

  6. Nana C said

    Yes, I remember Susan telling me of those times when you all were together for a meal. So happy you are making friends, and I always miss Red Oak, when we are here in California at our home. God bless Nana C

  7. Kim said

    I did mention we have a spacious treehouse, right? One of the many wonderful things about Arizona is that you can sleep outside much of the year. If only we had soft grass or leaves on the ground instead of just cactus thorns and lizards…..

    (Were you at K.O.’s???? That’s the best backyard I know of!)

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