January 28, 2009

We have reached a new level of prayerfulness here.

Don’t know what happens at your house when it’s praying time.  Here, there are many different abilities and levels of prayer-aptitude. 

Right now, 2-Year-Old, who has the unique ability to talk with whales, says prayers like this, with one of us helping…….

Me:  “Dear Jesus…”

2-Year-Old:  “DU!”

Me:  “Thank you for Daddy….”

2-Year-Old:  “DA!”

Me:  “Thank you for Mommy….”

2-Year-Old:  “MO!”

Me:  “Thank you for our house….”

2-Year-Old:  “HOU!”

Me:  “In Jesus’ name…..”

2-Year-Old, anticipating the end:  “MEN!”

Soon, he will progress to the stage that 3-Year-Old is just coming out of…..

3-Year-Old:  “Dear Jedus, please help Miss Alicia (we know not why), the rain and the storm (no clue), Grandma that she won’t have Shingles anymore (she has been over this condition now for 30 days or so, but 3-Year-Old insists on continuing  to badger God about it, although I don’t think He minds.  Then again, He DID invent eye-rolling but I don’t know if He uses it)….in Jedus’ name, Amen.

She has now reached a new prayer-level.  Here it is…..

3-Year-Old:  “Dear Jedus, please help Miss Alicia, the rain and the storm, and Grandma, and thank you for our forks, the carpet, 4-Year-Old’s doll, our water filter, bread, the doors in our house, black olives, towels, the bathtub, our van, the swings………………………..

And this is when I put my head down on the table and take a short nap until I hear the “In Jedus’ name….” part.

Does that make me a bad mother?

Every.  Single.  Child.  has done this around the age-4 period of time.  If there is anything that could make me go insane, this could.

We had one child who would pray for the different STYLES of things……

The forks with the FLOWERS.

The forks with the SWIRLS.

The windows in the BACK of the house.

The windows in the KITCHEN over the sink.

Maddening, I tell ya!

If God continues to bless us with babies who will grow up to be 3-year-olds who WILL pray in this manner, I may not last much longer.

The prayers will kill me dead.

Cash, however, just might help.  Please send some soon.


8 Responses to “Prayer”

  1. Vicky said

    I can’t even properly comment as I am practically on the floor in near hysterics. The thought of a little one praying for the forks with the flowers about did me in!!!! I got nothing… that can compete with that one!!!

  2. Nana C said

    Yes, while we were in Iowa, youngest granddaughter prayed same prayer after whomever was praying, we loved it and especially the “thank you for the angels, and the AMEN! Yeah Love nana C

  3. Tina said

    That is adorable…. especially because I am only hearing about it and don’t have to sit through it every night! HA!
    My 3 year old is quite impatient and if anyone is praying before supper and takes too long she whispers “In Jesus name, Amen” over and over until you finish. It gets gradually louder as well. THAT is fun.

  4. Kathy Haley said

    In some ways, though, it is too bad that we don’t continue to live in that sense of unending gratitude for all of the details of our lives…to be able to delight in each detail of life, to remember to give thanks for what we do have, to remember who is the Author of it all. I love your reflections! Thank you.

  5. Trinka said

    oh dear. maybe you could hide a book under the table on your lap? 🙂

  6. Susan said

    Our two year old prays every time that Mommy and daddy have a good body, Amen. We try not to eye roll but we hear this with every meal and every devotion and every night at bed time. I guess she really wants us to be healthy.

  7. Linda said

    That’s a good one. I have one of those too. She hoards prayer time and doesn’t want to let anone else pray. Her prayers have actually evolved over the last six months. She’ll be 4 in June and we can understand her better now. She prays for “everybody” and then mentions everybody’s name. But the cutest part is “all my -amily.” I love that part.


  8. Kristin said

    Hi – I was just enjoying reading through some of your posts from the past few weeks. When I am feeding our girls without my husband and I, I have been having them pray before the food is on the table so that it does not go cold! They prayed for my husband’s grandfather for months after he passed away and still daily pray that our dog and cat will have a fun time in ‘heaven’ (they have both been gone for over a year!)

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