Last Night

February 4, 2009

Last night, Yummy Man and I were, apparently, bored.  We were sitting on the couch talking about this place we call home.

With audible groaning involved.

Anyway, basically, we acknowledged our thankfulness of DSL.

When we lived out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by corn fields and coyotes, we could only get dial-up for an internet connection.  Those of you who have been with me at this blog for the last few years may well remember the sheer torture it was for me to have to deal with dial-up.  I’m not a patient person to begin with, and I had to deal with an easily 3-minute wait for Amazon’s home page to load.

For me?  That’s torture.  Right up there with ripping my fingernails out.  Slowly.

(Am I being dramatic?)

So there we were, lauding DSL when Yummy Man began asking me to pick the lesser evil…….

Biloxi, Mississippi with dial-up or Tucson, AZ with DSL?

Omaha, Nebraska with DSL or Germany with dial-up?

West Texas with DSL or Enid, Oklahoma (which is one stop on the path of every. tornado. to. originate. in. the. Northern. Hemisphere) with dial-up?

That kind of thing.

At times, it was very difficult to choose.  At other times, it was easy to pick dial-up which bespeaks of the horribleness of the place.  (Have YOU ever used the word “bespeaks”?  You’re pretty impressed, aren’t you?  It IS a word, ya know.  Isn’t it?)

And then we looked at each other and wondered what level of boredom or boring-ness had brought us to this.

No TV, perhaps?


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