One More Moment From Our Day If You Can Stand It

February 5, 2009

I love it when I’m prolific.  And seeing how I haven’t blogged in WAY too long, I hope you love it too.  If not, then, um, just stop reading then, okay?



Another moment from our day……..

Two-Year-Old was stinky.

WAY stinky.

So as I was trying to delay the inevitable while writing the post below this one, I asked him, jokingly, if he had a stinky.

I was joking remember.  But it may have been lost on his cute little 2-Year-Old-ness.

Because he stuck BOTH hands down the back of his pants, fished around in there with a questioning look on his face and then……

This is the point in this post when I must warn you to please be seated if you’re not already……


And it was amazing because The Smell?  It did two interesting things.

It made me die for a minute…..


worked like smelling salts and miraculously revived me.

Pretty nifty, huh?

I’ll bet I could bottle this stuff for, like, boxers and stuff.


4 Responses to “One More Moment From Our Day If You Can Stand It”

  1. Katheryn said

    Okay, never had that one happen to me… Thank goodness. But I have had the kind that runs up the back and down the legs… You know the kind that leaves footprints on the carpet and tile??? Have a blessed day, I needed that laugh.

  2. Vicky said

    Ahhhh, yes Mcstinky diapers, oh how I remember those. Why don’t I feel the least little bit nostalgic when it comes to those? My favorite was when they denied it : )

  3. Kristin said

    I know that smell… same thing going on at our house. Only without the hands in the pants…

  4. Patti said

    sometimes, when I get all “broody” because my youngest is 4, it’s things like this that makes me glad I don’t have children that fish around in their pants and then present their findings to me anymore!

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