February 5, 2009

So we were driving in the van this afternoon and we saw a Gambel’s Quail which I’ve never seen before moving here.  I must say, these birds are very very cool.  And the number of times I’ve counted cool stuff here?



Gambel’s Quail and the mountains.

So I said……

“Oooh!  Oooh! (Like a geeky, know-it-all 5th grader who knows the answer and wants the teacher to call on her.  So she can get beat up later at recess.)  Look!  One of those nifty quails!  THEY ARE SO COOL!”

Then 14-Year-Old chimed in with……

“Yeah!  They walk really cute too!”

And then 12-Year-Old (the Hunter/Trapper/Skinner in the family) piped up and said……

“I’ll bet they taste good too!”

There you go.

Two minutes in the life of our family.

Aren’t you glad you read this stuff?


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