Last Night At the Hockey Rink (Or “Ring” If You’re Three And Don’t Know Any Better)

February 14, 2009

So we were at the hockey rink last night.  The one that is so smooth and yummy that I want to roll all around on it and lick it like an ice cream cone.


All the children wanted me to be Fun Mommy and play something with them and I figured that since I am normally Taskmaster/Dictator/UNfun Mommy, that I should stretch a little and be Enjoyable Mommy for 10 minutes or so.

So I yelled out that we were going to play a game that was called “Run-Until-Mommy-Tackles-You-To-The-Ground-And-Tickles-You-All-Over-So-Hard-That-You-Wet-Your-Pants”.  And I just thought the little kids would like it.  You know, since it wouldn’t be any big deal for them to wet their pants because they would have the diaper-barrier thing going on.

But no.

Seven of the nine jumped up and down with their hands in their air yelling, “I WANT TO PLAY, MOMMY!  I WANT TO PLAY, MOMMY!”

Even the ones who don’t have the barriers.

And so I figured I need to be Fun Mommy more often.  So that the kids won’t have to beg me to play games in which one of the requirements is to urinate in their drawers.


One Response to “Last Night At the Hockey Rink (Or “Ring” If You’re Three And Don’t Know Any Better)”

  1. Vicky said

    It must be incredibly trying at times to find the balance 🙂 When my oldest was almost two he got into the baby powder and well, you know, he created a dust storm throughout his bedroom… I was angry at the mess, and he just wasn’t. The madder I felt, the more he actually laughed. I finally let go and we emptied the rest of the bottle together… fun mommy just has to get out and play sometimes!

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