One (Serious) Moment, If You Please

February 14, 2009

Some of my readers may be wondering what has happened to me lately.  The posts have been few and far between so I thought I’d take a serious moment to explain…….

About two weeks ago, a very accidental but tragic death happened to some friends of ours.  There are ensuing emotional and legal repercussions that will have affects for many years to come.  Our hearts have been heavy for our friends and a humorous post about toddler body functions, while potentially entertaining, just seemed too garish. 

I hope you understand. 

But now I’m back with a post below this one in which the word “urination” crops up.  So that should let you know that Joy is back, here in The House of Too Many People and Not Enough Square-Footage.

Or something like that.

Thanks for reading and for sticking with me!


One Response to “One (Serious) Moment, If You Please”

  1. Trina Wattermann said

    Finally caught up with you, haven’t read any blogs since around Christmas time. Glad Joy is back in some measure! I know what you mean about where you are living. Many think we are crazy to have moved from the Sacramento valley, where we were 2 hours or less from ocean, coastal hills, mountains, foothills, vineyards, forests, farms, meadows, giant redwoods, and many other variations of topography. But we have NEVER looked back, we LOVE it here in northeast Nebraska! Oh, I forgot to mention… something must have happened to me, b/c I read your posts BACKwards, not in chronological order! 🙂

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