February 16, 2009

Ten-Year-Old has this new thing going on.  For some reason he keeps a washcloth in his back pocket.

Not a handkerchief or even a kleenex.

A washcloth.

With the picture of a baseball or  football or some such guy paraphanalia on it.

I know.  Weird.

I was questioning him about it the other day, asking him what, exactly, it was for, while all the while thinking that even though it was mildly geeky, it was pretty stinkin’ cute.  He kinda looked at me sheepishly and didn’t answer because the other kids chimed in, telling me that he was trying to be like Pa.

The one on “Little House on the Prairie”.

And just let me state for the record that I am so proud to have the only 10-year-old boy in the universe who wants to be like the depiction of a poor, hard-working farmer who loved his wife and his family and would do anything that needed to be done to take care of them.  And he did it all while having really nice curls and the ability to cry at will. 

Today, I asked him if he used his washcloth and he looked at me kinda weird.  It was the kind of look that said, in a respectful manner, of course……..

DUH, Mommy!  Like, where have YOU been?  Pshaw!

And then he said, “Yes, Mommy.  I use it to blow my nose.”

And that just kinda hit me the wrong way.  I don’t know why.  I just didn’t know how to respond.

Like, how about….”Cool!” ?  or

“That must be pretty convenient”  or

“What a FABULOUS idea!!!!” 

What I ended up coming up with was……..

“Um.  Ewwwww!”

Do you think that was okay?

I really wanted to put a picture on the blog of his washcloth in his back pocket, but then I remembered that he has, quite possibly, the cutest 10-year-old bottom in the world and that just wouldn’t be cool to have that splashed all over the internet now, would it?

You know, as opposed to having his mother state the unquestionable fact that he has the cutest 10-year-old bottom in the world……..splashed all over the internet.


2 Responses to “Ten-Year-Old”

  1. Mother said

    You’re back again! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! We’ve missed you. Can’t wait to hear more about the washcloth guy. Are you Sure you don’t want to post a picture of that cute little 10-year old bottom? 🙂

  2. This is really cute! Yes indeed, it’s wonderful that he is interested in good role models like that!

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