A Post In Which Evidence of Major Kid-Spoiling Is Revealed

February 22, 2009

See, here’s the thing….

You may remember that we got our kids a bounce house for Christmas. 

The commercial kind that is advertised as being good for parties where…..um….. lots of kids will be, and day cares, where…..um….. lots of kids will be, and church youth group shindigs, where…… um…… lots of kids will be.

After 5 weeks, the commercial bounce house got a hole in one of the side walls. 

Because we used it in our backyard where….. um….. lots of kids were.

So I wrote the company and they wrote back a few weeks later and told me that they were sending another one.

Here’s where the spoiled part comes in.


Now, by the time all of this warranty junk was resolved and we actually GOT the new one, the hole in the side of the old bounce house had grown.  You could’ve driven an SUV through it.  But the kids kept bouncing in it and yes, we lost a few kids a day out that hole, but that was part of the fun.  At least that’s what I told them.

So the other day, Yummy Man realized that we now had TWO bounce houses.

And nine kids who have to take turns.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

Okay.  So he asked me what I thought about setting up BOTH bounce houses and I reminded him that we only had one blower.

A lesser man would’ve been deterred.

Not Yummy Man.

He set up both houses, split off the blower hoses and produced TWO bounce houses for the price of one.

Now you tell me.  Are our kids spoiled?

I mean, our entire backyard is practically all bounce houses.  It’s embarrassing!  And our kids, who don’t know what a Playstation looks like, have spent the last two days flinging Beanie Babies back and forth from bounce house to bounce house.  Because I’m kinda sheepish now when I slink out to the backyard, thinking about our neighbors behind and beside us, wondering if we won the lottery or something. 

And what I’d really like to yell out to them is that if we REALLY won the lottery, would we SERIOUSLY be living with nine kids in a 1200-square-foot house?

And then I realize that, in my mind when I’m doing this, I’m kinda spitting a little and gesturing maybe a tad bit too forcefully and basically getting all worked up. 

And then  I realize that no one probably cares about the two bounce houses in the freaky, overly-fertile, homeschooling family’s backyard.

I’m just being overly sensitive.

About an additional bounce house.


6 Responses to “A Post In Which Evidence of Major Kid-Spoiling Is Revealed”

  1. Trinka said

    How cool is THAT!

    Forget the neighbors … you’ve got 9 worn-out, happy kids at the end of the day!

  2. Vicky said

    Not to mention, grateful, you sound really grateful for two bouncehouses! I mean, who doesn’t love two-fer-ones?

    Really, the bouncehouse company was SMART! And Yummy man? Well he was just the Coup de Gras on the whole bouncehouse bounty!

  3. roundbelly said

    That/those bounce houses are a great idea, if I lived in a state that wasn’t 40 below for 8 weeks in the winter, I so would have followed suit.

    And as long as it helps the kids zonk out cold at night- who care what the neighbors think 🙂

  4. Zum said

    Uh ….. would the term “redneck” fit in here anywhere? Just kiddin’! 🙂

  5. Jessica O. said

    That sounds just like something J would do…..but he would also have a lot of duck tape involved….he uses it for EVERYTHING!….so thankful we live in the country & others can’t see it all ……. 🙂

  6. Your post are like therapy to me…did you know that?! 😉 I can’t help but laugh, and laughter is good medicine! I miss you, Allison! HUGS and LOVE to YOU!! 🙂

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